Denny Abbey and the Farmland Museum

Denny Abbey and the Farmland Museum

Denny Abbey and the Farmland Museum

Denny Abbey has a unique and fascinating history.

Founded in 1159 as a Benedictine monastery, it then became a retirement home for elderly Knights Templars. After the Templars’ suppression for alleged heresy in 1308, it became a convent of Franciscan nuns before becoming a farm from 1539 and the dissolution of the monasteries, until the 1960s.

All these changes are still traceable in the building and are interpreted for visitors by graphic panels illustrated by local artist Anne Biggs.

Family-friendly activities include imaginative hands-on interactives about medieval tiles, stained glass and arches.

The site’s Farmland Museum features a fenman’s hut, blacksmith’s and wheelwright’s workshops, village shop display and many other aspects of Cambridgeshire rural life.

Denny Abbey and The Farmland Museum hosts a range of events, children's activity days and adult art & craft workshops. Click through for more information on Denny Abbey events.


Events At Denny Abbey and the Farmland Museum

  • A Day of Discovery at Denny Abbey

    Members' Event

    Sat 28 Mar

    Join us on an interactive guided tour of this fascinating place and hear the stories of it's 800 year history - be prepared to join in!

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