Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle

The Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle

Once again, fit for a Queen

The Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle


For more than 400 years, the magnificent Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle has been lost to the world. Re-opened in May 2009, you can now once again experience its full glory.

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History of the Garden

Queen Elizabeth I had granted Kenilworth Castle to her favourite, Robert Dudley, in 1563 and he spent a fortune transforming it into a luxurious palace fit to receive his queen and her court.

History of the Garden

Langham's Letter

Extracts from Langham’s letter describing "The Magnificent Pageants presented before Queen Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle in 1575"

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Tour of the garden

Today the visitor approaches the garden along the same privileged route taken by Elizabeth, through the classical loggia of the forebuilding, which leads on to the terrace.

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Visit Kenilworth

The vast medieval fortress of Kenilworth Castle is one of the largest historic visitor attractions in the West Midlands and one of the most spectacular castle ruins in England.

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Group Tour Information

A Kenilworth Castle team member will lead the group through the Norman Keep and into the newly recreated Elizabethan Garden, just as Queen Elizabeth I would have entered.

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