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Lindisfarne Priory

Take in the stunning coastal views See the Viking Raider Stone in the Museum Lindisfarne Priory Lindisfarne Priory

Originally home to the Lindisfarne Gospels and the site of grisly Viking attacks, a visit to Lindisfarne Priory is a great day out in Northumberland. Sitting offshore on Holy Island and reached by a causeway at low tide, the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views from the priory make a visit here well worth the effort.

Lindisfarne Priory was an important centre of early Christianity, and the home of St Cuthbert. Today you can marvel at the ornate carvings on the extensive ruins of the monastic buildings and enjoy the serenity that first drew the monks here. One of the most famous visitor attractions in North East England, Lindisfarne Priory will stay in your memory forever.

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Events At Lindisfarne Priory

  • Vikings Attack!

    Sat 02 & Sun 03 Aug 2014

    Encounter the terrifying Vikings as they spread a wave of terror and turmoil with their raids on the north eastern coast of England, where Lindisfarne was first to be set upon in 793 AD.

  • The Making of the Gospels

    Sat 16 & Sun 17 Aug 2014

    See our medieval craftspeople demonstrating the skills that would have been used in the constructing and careful making of the original gospels.

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Holy Island, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland - TD15 2RX (Directions)


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