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Wroxeter (or 'Viroconium') was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. It began as a legionary fortress and later developed into a thriving civilian city. Though much still remains below ground, today the most impressive features are the 2nd century municipal baths, and the remains of the huge wall dividing them from the exercise hall in the heart of the city.

The site museum and audio tour reveal how Wroxeter worked in its heyday, and the health and beauty practices of its 5,000 citizens.

In February 1859 workmen began excavating the baths complex, and by April much of the present site was exposed and thronged with fascinated visitors, including Charles Dickens. Donated by the landowner for public viewing, Wroxeter thus became one of the first archaeological visitor attractions in Britain.

Thanks to a project between English Heritage and Channel 4, a Roman town house has been erected at Wroxeter. The TV series followed a team of modern builders as they set about building the town house using traditional Roman methods.

Don't Miss

  • The audio tour that brings the city to life
  • The new Roman town house - constructed as part of Channel 4's 'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day'

Events At Wroxeter Roman City

  • Romans Invade!

    Sun 25 and Spring Bank Holiday Mon 26 May 2014

    Witness the might of the Roman Army as it invades Wroxeter Roman City! Tremble in the face of the formidable Ermine Street Guard and their fearsome siege machines. Budding young Centurions can hone their skills in a series of drills and games.

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