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1066 and the Norman Conquest

The Normans are coming!

It's the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and we've got lots of activities and events planned to commemorate this important date and anniversary year. We've created new teaching resources for you to use at our Norman sites or in the classroom, plus you can now watch in full our live Q&A event as it happened on the 14th Octber 2016 with Dan Snow. See Dan and our team at Battle Abbey answering those all important 1066 questions - a great way to help cover the topic with your clas covering a range of Key Stages.

Let us help you bring 1066 to life and inspire your students.

The Story of 1066

Discover more about the events leading up the Battle of Hastings with our interactive animation. Move through the scenes which bring the story of 1066 to life, then check your understanding with our quiz once you're finished.

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Live Q&A with Dan Snow

To commemorate the anniversary, we put Dan Snow's knowledge to the test during a live schools event from Battle Abbey on the 14th October. We had brilliant questions from pupils and teachers across the country. Now, you can watch the whole live event from start to finish as Dan chats to re-enactors, our education team and our curator to help answer those all important 1066 questions.

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School children at Battle Abbey

Visit our sites for free

See for yourself the impact the Battle of Hastings had on the story of England. Visit one of our Norman sites across England for FREE!  Let your students stand on the battlefield at 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield, see how big a Norman castle is at Old Sarum or Goodrich Castle.

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A Saxon Warrior (left) and a Mounted Norman Knight (right). Illustrations by Matthew Ryan

Are you team Norman or Team Saxon?

KS3 - KS5

Are you oath bound to Harold Godwinson and the Saxons or does your allegiance lie with Duke William and the Normans?

Take our online quize to find out which side of the Battle of Hastings you would have belonged to.

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School Resources

  • 1066: Decisive Moments Role Play

    Bring the key players of 1066 back to life on your school field or at 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield through drama and role play in our new teaching resource.

  • How to Make a Norman Shield

    Follow our video guide to learn how to make your own Norman shield out of cardboard, complete with your own choice of colours (or tintures) and animal heraldry.

  • William the Conqueror, depicted in the Chroncile of Battle Abbey

    The Norman Impact

    Find out how William and his knights transformed England. The Norman Conquest reshaped England's institutions and laws, as well as the language, customs and architecture.

  • A Norman knight on horseback

    The People of 1066

    We're live-tweeting from eight Twitter channels, each representing a different person during the Norman Conquest. Follow, share and take part using the hashtag #battle1066.

  • An image showing our sequencing resource

    1066: Sequencing Activity

    Match up images of key moments from the Battle of Hastings with the correct description to test your understanding of the events of 14th October 1066.

  • Image of fortune graph resource

    1066: William Fortune Graph

    Was Duke William of Normandy’s victory at the Battle of Hastings always likely? Use this resource to plot William’s fortune at different stages of the battle to identify key turning points.

  • Image of our Why Did William win resource

    1066: Why did William win?

    Analyse the reasons for William’s victory at the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066 with this card-sort activity. Select evidence to support four main arguments to help you arrive at a well-reasoned conclusion.

  • Image of our 1066 Harold resource

    1066: What could Harold have done differently?

    Could Harold Godwinson have done anything differently? We take a look at some of the key decisions Harold made in 1066 and weigh up the arguments for and against them.

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