Things to see and do

Small girl walking through a low archway at Corbridge Roman Town

A Roman High Street

Walk down the once bustling Roman High Street which runs from east to west through the town. This street once ran all the way to Carlisle forming part of the Roman road known as the Stanegate.

As you step where Roman feet once walked, imagine picking up your supplies from the granaries, and look out for the remains of the fountain house and a large courtyard building. This main street continues under the fields both east and west of the remains that you can see today.

A close up of some of the armour found as part of the Corbridge Hoard. Half is the original find with the other half a modern replica showing what it would have looked like new.

The Corbridge Hoard

See a fascinating display of a treasure trove found 50 years ago in the grounds of Corbridge Roman Town.

On display in our museum, the Corbridge 'Hoard' is one of the most influential Roman 'Time Capsules' ever discovered in Hadrian's Wall Country.

A gaming board, counters and shakers from the collection at Corbridge Roman Town Museum

The Museum

The fascinating museum contains a wide range of items which cover every aspect of Roman life. These include the tombstone of little Ertola, who 'lived most happily for four years and sixty days', shown still playing with her ball.

A young boy looking at the Corbridge Lion one of the finds on display at Corbridge Roman Town Museum.

The Corbridge Lion

Another highlight on display in our museum, is the Corbridge Lion. Admire the stone carving originally created as a grave ornament. He stands proudly over his prey and was later used as a fountain head.

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