Stonehenge 100

This year is an important anniversary for Stonehenge. A hundred years ago, in 1918, local barrister Cecil Chubb and his wife Mary gifted it to the nation. This public spirited decision marked a turning point in the history of Stonehenge and its fortunes.

A programme of restoration began almost immediately, starting a centenary of care and conservation at Stonehenge which continues to this day.  

Throughout 2018, we will be celebrating the centenary of the gift, and discovering what this iconic monument means to people today.

The Centenary

To celebrate this centenary, we gathered 100s of local people together for a special photo. Families, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts, schools and the military came together at Stonehenge, accompanied by a brass band and morris dancers, for a fun, celebratory occasion. The community gathered at sunrise to be a part of this special film and the on-going story of Stonehenge. We'd like to thank everyone who got up at dawn to be involved.

Cecil and Mary Chubb

A generous donation

On 26 October 1918, Stonehenge was offered by Cecil and Mary Chubb to Sir Alfred Mond, First Commissioner of Works, as a gift for the nation. Cecil Chubb had bought Stonehenge for £6600 at a local auction just three years previously.

Prior to 1918, the monument was propped up with wooden poles and some of the stones were in danger of collapse. Increasing numbers of visitors through the late 19th century had led to damage, with people regularly chipping the stones for souvenirs and scratching their names on the monument. Although this was largely halted by the introduction of an admission charge and attendant policeman from 1901 onwards, the monument itself was still in a perilous condition.

Thanks to the Chubbs' generosity, Stonehenge was saved. English Heritage’s predecessors, The Office of Works, began to care for the monument, restoring many of the fallen stones and undertaking a major survey and programme of excavation. Today, the ancient monument is looked after by English Heritage on behalf of the nation.

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Raising a stone at Stonhenge

Stonehenge 100 Special Events

This year we will be hosting special activities and events to celebrate the Chubbs' gift and a century of care and conservation.

The mystery of Stonehenge has been fascinating people for centuries. As part of a special lecture series, a range of experts will shed new light on Stonehenge, including recent research, new excavations and the latest theories about life in the Neolithic.

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A visit to Stonehenge, © Historic England

Your Stonehenge stories

We want to know what Stonehenge means to you. If you or your family have visited the monument in the last 100 years, we’d love to see your photos, and hear the stories that capture your time at Stonehenge. These memories will be brought to life for everyone to enjoy as part of a special public digital project which will be unveiled soon.

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100 years of care

To mark the 100 year anniversary of Stonehenge being gifted to the nation we’re publishing a series of blog posts that trace the care and conservation of the monument since 1918.

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