Rievaulx Abbey arches
Rievaulx Abbey
Rievaulx Abbey

Redefining Rievaulx

Founded in 1132, Rievaulx Abbey was one of the most powerful abbeys in England until it was dissolved by Henry VIII.

Thanks to the generous support of our members and visitors, we've been able to bring the story of Rievaulx to life with an exciting project to transform the abbey's museum.

Stone carving from Rievaulx Abbey

Discover Rievaulx's Collection

Rievaulx was once a place of huge spiritual significance, but it was closed and stripped of its assets during the Reformation under Henry VIII.

The new museum shines a light on the lost world of the English monastery and does justice to the artefacts that survived the Dissolution. Elaborate stone carvings, book bindings and gold coins tell the story of the rise of the first Cistercian abbey in the north of England, which was home to 600 men at its peak. Surviving objects like chess pieces and pottery give us glimpses into the lives of the monks who lived, worked and prayed at Rievaulx.

Watch Conservation at Rievaulx

Your donations helped enable vital conservation to take place so that precious artefacts will be protected for the future. 

Watch our expert conservator Caroline carry out her meticulous work on some of Rievaulx's mediaeval stonework.

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