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English Heritage conservation team carry our work at Brodsworth Hall

Caring for Brodsworth: a new experience

Until Autumn 2017 Brodsworth Hall will have a different feel as we carry out much-needed work, to help halt the decay of this Victorian country house. 

Since the Hall came into our care in 1990, we have taken greatest care to conserve the house as found. Read more about the fascinating approach, To Conserve or Restore?

Discover more about the challenges of caring for Brodsworth Hall in our new exhibition explaining the work we're undertaking and how previous owners looked after the property. Families can also complete our interactive trail with giant bugs to spot!

Conservation experts carry out work at Brodsworth Hall


English Heritage took on Brodsworth Hall in 1990 after the death of its last owner and a slow decline in the 20th-century as money and servants ebbed away. At that time, English Heritage conserved the hall 'as found' complete with 20th-century family clutter as well as the faded glory of its grand state rooms.

After welcoming thousands of visitors over 20 years, Brodsworth Hall is in need of attention. The year-long project will be carried out by English Heritage conservators and experts who will undertake major work to repair the revolving window shutters, mend leaking skylights and renew the heating system.

Restoring Brodsworth's roller shutters

The work at Brodsworth has seen the conservation of its roller shutters. Original to the house, these Francis & Co's patent revolving shutters are an incredibly rare survival. Sadly the mechanism, which enables them to be opened and closed, has failed over time, leaving the majority of them permanently closed.

Watch this film to discover how specialist conservators are restoring the shutters to the their former glory – using original design drawings and oral histories - and bringing the light back to Brodsworth.

Conservation team members lay a dust cover on a statue at Brodsworth Hall


To carry out the work we've installed some protection around the house to ensure the delicate contents of the hall are shielded from dust and debris created by the works. Hoarding has also been put up in the rooms where the work will take place to allow our team to undertake their repairs safely.

Much of the house is still accessible and our hoardings have been decorated with interesting facts, personal accounts and oral history recordings about the problems we'll be fixing.


Friend or Foe family trail


Pick up a family trail to discover what's eating Brodsworth. Hunt for giant bugs around the house, uncover fun facts about the work we're doing to fix the house and design your own bug.

Brodsworth Hall in Doncaster


Walking from Billiard Room to Drawing Room and from Bedrooms to Kitchen and Scullery, the myriad problems of maintaining a large historic house will be unveiled through our exhibition tracing the building and maintenance of the hall since 1861. From dealing with rising and falling damp, to reversing the impact of leaks and drips on the building as well as its fixtures, fittings and furnishings there's lots to discover. 

Find out how the humble silver fish destroys historic wallpapers and get a cleaning tip or two from the Victorian servants who once dusted and polished Brodsworth's magnificent rooms. 

A member of the English Heritage conservation team prepares for conservation work at Brodsworth Hall


Find out how you can play a role in caring for places like Brodsworth Hall by supporting conservation at our historic places across the country.

You'll help ensure that future generations can experience the story of England where it really happened.

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