Carisbrooke Castle has experienced sieges, imprisoned kings and seen off the Spanish Armada. Explore a history that spans over 1000 years and learn about how its role has changed from fortified defence to home of the Lord Lieutenant of the Island. Bring the curriculum to life and stand at the spot where history happened.

A day at Carisbrooke Castle is better than weeks in the classroom! Children love that it looks like a 'real' castle.

Sue PryorYear 6 teacher
Carisbrooke Castle education visits
There are many curriculum links at Carisbrooke Castle

curriculum links

Carisbrooke Castle's rich and varied history provides many curriculum links.

  • KS1: Similarities and differences between ways of life in different time periods. Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally. The lives of significant individuals in the past. Significant historical events and people in locality
  • KS2-3: A local history study. A study of an aspect of theme in british history that extends the pupils' chronological knowledge beyond 1066
  • KS3: The development of church, state and society in Britain
  • KS3 Geography:  Find out about the strategic importance of the castle.
  • KS1-3 English and Drama: Take on the role of Carisbrooke's most famous residents and their servants to find out what life was really like.
Get hands-on with an expert-led Discovery Visit

Expert-Led Discovery Visits

Let our costumed experts lead a Discovery Visit for you for just £100 per session and delve deeper into the story of the castle and the people who lived there. Our hands-on sessions provide fun and inspiring educational activities and bring Carisbrooke Castle to life.

Find out more about our Discovery Visits at Carisbrooke Castle.

Pupils enjoying a free self-led visit

Free Self-Led Visits

Enjoy a free self-led visit to Carisbrooke Castle and design your own day to suit your curriculum needs. Carisbrooke has been an important focus of settlement since Roman times and illustrates the domestic side of castle life as well and its use for attack and defence. Visit our famous resident donkeys in the Elizabethan wheelhouse and explore the different parts of the castle.


Boy trying on a helmet at Carisbrooke Castle

facilities for learning groups

  • EDUCATION CENTRE: Pre-book the centre within the castle buildings, resources include a model siege gun and medieval costumes for your students to try on.
  • PARKING: Free car park 100m from main entrance and space for 8 coaches. Four parking bays for Blue Badge holders behind the museum.
  • TOILETS: Located in a separate block inside the courtyard. Accessible toilet in the central courtyard.
  • SCHOOL BAGS: Store in education room, if available.
  • REFRESHMENTS: Tea room opens daily March to October for hot and cold food, snacks and drinks. Bring packed lunches, there is a large picnic area with benches and tables. There is also shelter in the Drum Tower in bad weather.  
  • WORKING DONKEYS: Demonstrating the16th century tread wheel. Book on arrival, times will vary. Viewing cannot be guaranteed.
  • SHOP: Selling a wide range of books, gifts and Charles I-themed souvenirs.
  • Goody bags are also available.

teaching resources

Hazard Information Sheet: Carisbrooke Castle

Hazard Information Sheet: Carisbrooke Castle


A Carisbrooke Carry On Discovery Visit Risk Assessment

A Carisbrooke Carry On Discovery Visit Risk Assessment


Who Lives in a House Like This? Discovery Visit Risk Assessment

Who Lives in a House Like This? Discovery Visit Risk Assessment


Education Opening Times

  • March - Education Winter Opening on Mondays and Fridays.
  • April to September - 10.00 - 18.00.
  • October 10.00 - 17.00.
  • November - Education Winter Opening times - please contact the Education Booking Team on 0370 333 0606 for details.
  • December to February - Closed for education visits.

Learn With Us

Learn more about the history of Carisbrooke Castle to enhance your school visit experience.

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