Chesters Bridge Abutment - Hadrian's Wall

The remains of Chesters Bridge - Hadrian's Wall.

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Chollerford, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 4EN

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Close to Chesters Roman Fort in Northumberland are the remains of a Roman bridge across the North Tyne. On the eastern river bank you can see evidence of two successive bridges:  an early one that just carried Hadrian's Wall, and a second, much larger one, that carried the Military Way - the road that serviced the Wall. This fine bridge, one of the most remarkable survivals on Hadrian's Wall, proclaimed the power and prestige of the Roman emperor and his empire.

Read more about the history of Chesters Bridge Abutment.

Before You Go

Access: The site sits alongside the North Tyne river and be accessed along a footpath off of the B6318. A small gate sits just before the traffic lights and this leads to a path that runs along the old railway line, parts of which is uneven and can become muddy. 

Parking: There is an English Heritage managed car park at Chesters Roman Fort, a 20 minute walk from the Bridge Abutment along the roadside.

Please be aware: Site is adjacent to a river and may be prone to flooding.

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Check out Chesters Bridge Abutment as part of the Chesters Roman Trail.

The Bridge Abutment is roughly a 15-20 minute walk from Chesters Roman Fort. The Fort includes Chesters Museum, the impressive bath house remains and a tearoom. There are also toilet facilities, a picnic area and gift shop.

Guidebook: Hadrian's Wall

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