Osborne offers a real insight into the private lives of Queen Victoria and her family. Their home can teach many aspects of the curriculum across numerous subjects.

We visited Osborne and Swiss Cottage with one of our most challenging year groups. The children were really engaged and enthralled with what they saw. They loved the hands-on nature of Swiss Cottage and that it was fully interactive.

Charlotte ReeveKS2 teacher
Bring learning to life at Osborne
A visit covers many curriculum links and subjects

curriculum links

As home to one of the most well known Queens of England nad her forward thinking husband Prince Albert, Osborne house and estate has a lot to offer educationally. There are many curriculum links across numerous subjects:

  • KS1: Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality. Significant changes beyond living memory. The lives of significant individuals in the past
  • KS2-3: A local history study. A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils' chronological knowledge beyond 1066 
  • KS3: Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901
  • KS1-3 Science:  Use the gardens to find out more about living things and habitats 
  • KS2-3 Art: Use the house and grounds as inspiration for the pupils' own work
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Expert-Led Discovery Visits

Our award-winning expert-led Discovery Visits are interactive and immersive. Best of all, we lead them for you. At just £100 per session per class they have been specifically designed to meet the needs of different groups across the key stages.

Find out more about our Discovery Visits at Osborne.

Enjoy a free self-led visit to Osborne

Free Self-Led Visits

Enjoy a free self-led visit to Osborne and design your own day to suit your curriculum needs. Explore the house and grounds, including the beach and the Swiss Cottage. Dress up in our costumes in the education room and discover what it would be like as a Royal child living at Osborne. Use our replica grocery based on the Royal children's at the Swiss Cottage and weigh out chocolate and coffee and work out the total cost. Identify objects from the Swiss Cottage, where they came from and how they got there.


School children trying on costumes at Swiss Cottage

facilities for learning groups

  • PARKING: Free car park with accessible parking bays, 50m from admissions centre. Coach parking is 250m from the entrance.
  • TOILETS: Toilets including accessible toilets are located at the admissions centre, by the main house, at the Swiss Cottage and in the café at the beach.
  • LUNCH: A lunch room is available, but needs to be requested at the time of booking. Students are welcome to bring packed lunches and picnic in the grounds.
  • EDUCATION ROOM: Dress up in costumes and discover what it would have been like as a Royal child at Osborne. Use our replica grocery based on the royal children's at the Swiss Cottage. The education room must be requested when you book your visit. 
  • SHOP: Shop at the admissions centre selling a range of gifts, souvenirs and books. Goody bags available to pre order.
  • BAG STORE: A room has been set aside where the students can store their bags whilst in the house. Otherwise they will need to carry their bags with them.

Teaching Resources

Hazard Information Sheet: Osborne

Hazard Information Sheet: Osborne


Education Opening Times

  • April to September 10.00 - 18.00.
  • October 10.00 - 17.00.
  • November and December - Education Winter Opening times - please contact the Education Booking Team on 0370 3330606 for details.
  • January to March - Closed for education visits.

Learn With Us

Learn more about the history of Osborne, to enhance your school visit experience.

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