Freddie Mercury Blue Plaque Unveiled

The blue plaque was unveiled by his sister and Bryan May ahead of what would have been Freddie's 70th birthday.

Freddie posing as Jimi Hendrix with a borrowed Fender Telecaster, photographed in his bedroom by a friend in 1968.

Listening to Hendrix in his bedroom

Today we celebrate the life and career of Freddie Mercury by honouring him with a blue plaque at his first home in England. It was at this modest, inter-war terrace house at Gladstone Avenue in Feltham, West London that Freddie began to explore his musical talent, listening to Cream and Jimi Hendrix in his bedroom.

Kashmira Cooke, Freddie Mercury's sister, who unveiled the plaque said:

"Mum and I are so proud and pleased that English Heritage is honouring our Freddie with a Blue Plaque, and that he will be amongst other famous names for ever. Secretly he would have been very proud and pleased too."

Meeting his queen bandmates

Freddie's parents bought the house in 1964 after the family left Zanzibar for the UK. While studying for an A-level in Art and a Diploma in Graphic Art and Design, Freddie supported himself with a variety of jobs, including washing dishes in the kitchens at Heathrow Airport.

He was still living there when he first met his future Queen band mates, Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Dr Brian May said:

"It is a pleasant duty to help install this little reminder on Freddie's parents' house in Feltham. It was here that I first visited Freddie soon after we had met through a mutual friend.

"We spent most of the day appreciating and analysing in intimate detail the way that Jimi Hendrix had put his recordings together in the studio - listening to Hendrix on vinyl played on Freddie's Dansette record player - which had stereo speakers on opposite sides of the box!"

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