Summer Days Out
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One Extraordinary Summer

Extraordinary summer days out are waiting at hundreds of historic sites across the country – from glorious Victorian gardens to remote Roman forts and mighty medieval castles. There’s never been a better time to plan your summer adventure.

Don’t just dream of great days out – bring your imagination to life for a whole year with annual membership from £57. 

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Extraordinary Adventures

Seek out adventure at England's historic places this summer.

Conquer a castle with the kids, stand guard at a Roman fort, discover Queen Victoria’s private beach, or witness live action clashes of gallant knights, jousters and swashbuckling pirates. 

Here's our pick of six extraordinary days out that will thrill the whole family — one a week throughout the summer holiday. 

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  • Clash of Knights

    Experience the thrill of battle as you watch teams of knights battle it out for victory armed with clubs and shields.

  • Knights' Tournament

    Go back in time and get closer to the action as rival knights compete in the ultimate test of strength and skill.

  • Legendary Jousts

    Experience the exhilarating spectacle of speed and skill as four legendary knights compete for honour and glory.

  • Pirates!

    Witness some of history’s most famous pirates fight it out at close quarters, and listen to them tell their tales of life on the high seas.

  • Romans

    Head to the Roman encampment to see the fort brought back to life and hear first hand what life was like for Roman people.

  • Medieval Life

    Step back in time to medieval England and learn what life was like for ordinary people as you meet characters from the past.

Where will your imagination take you?

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Plan extraordinary days out this summer. Fuel your imagination as you immerse yourself in the live-action clashes of gallant medieval knights, jousters and swashbuckling pirates, explore a recreated bronze age roundhouse, and retrace the footsteps of medieval monks.

21 extraordinary things to do

Extra Explorations

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With more than 400 sites to visit, plan your whole summer now. Whether you’re exploring your local area or planning a summer holiday in England, you can unlock over 6,000 years of history for the whole family.

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Our Members recommend ...

With so much choice it can be hard to decide where to visit. To give you a helping hand we asked some Members for their top tips. Let us inspire your next picnic, historic garden visit or day out with the kids - including some with play areas.

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Extraordinary Escapes this Summer

  • Cycling Guides

    Our cycling guides offer a fun way to take in sites this summer. Wheel your way across the Isle of Wight, find serenity in North Yorkshire, or tour across the Wiltshire countryside and its 5,000 years of history.

  • Coastal Walks

    Enjoy the great outdoors this summer and combine an invigorating seaside stroll with an inspiring visit to one of our historic sites, following these glorious routes along England's most beautiful coastlines. 

  • Holiday Cottages

    Situated in the grounds of our historic places and offering exclusive out-of-hours access to the sites in which they sit, your summer getaway doesn't get more extraordinary than an English Heritage holiday cottage. 

  • Travel guides

    Plan a weekend away or a short break in England with our regional travel guides. They're packed with ideas of historic sites to visit, things to see and do, places to stay and practical advice for getting around.

VIDEO: Historical games at Audley End

Kids Rule! TV presenter Esme Todd visits Audley End House and Gardens in Essex to try out some of the traditional games families have played there over the centuries, from football to backgammon.

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