Collections Conservation Advice and Guidance

Our collections conservation guidance notes and technical papers are informed by science-based evidence and our practical experience. They are freely available to download below. Technical papers can be found beneath the guidance notes, which are listed by subject.

Detail from the English Heritage poster illustrating common insect pests

Detail from the English Heritage poster illustrating common insect pests


Monitoring Tools

Collections Management Planning

Technical Publications

These publications cover aspects of preventive conservation and science research which have been carried out in association with English Heritage artefact collections and interiors. Additional project work by external heritage science researchers can also be found here.

Risk Management







Libraries and Archives

Outdoor Sculpture


Insect Pests

Climate Change



The European Committee for Standardisation Technical Committee 346 (CEN TC 346) is developing European Standards (ENs) for conservation. Four working groups are developing standards that impact on preventive conservation.

  • WG4: Protection of collections
  • WG6: Exhibition lighting of cultural heritage – Joint working group between TC 346 and TC 169
  • WG7: Specifying and measuring indoor/outdoor climate
  • WG8: Energy efficiency of historic buildings


Published Standards

  • EN 15757: Specifications for temperature and relative humidity to limit climate- induced mechanical damage in organic hygroscopic materials.
  • EN 15758: Procedures and instruments for measuring temperatures of the air and the surfaces of objects.
  • EN 15759-1: Indoor climate, Part 1: Guidelines for heating churches, chapels and other places of worship.
  • EN 16242: Procedures and instruments for measuring humidity in the air and moisture exchanges between air and cultural property.

Full list of published standards

The standards can be purchased from any member organisation of the British Standards Institute (BSI) in the UK.


Standards under Preparation

  • prEN 15999-1 Conservation of cultural heritage: Guidelines for management of environmental conditions – Recommendations for showcases used for exhibition and preservation of cultural property, Part 1: General requirements

Full list of CEN TC 346 standards under development

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