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Step into England’s story with our new weekly podcast. Join presenter Charles Rowe as we bring the history of our sites to life with news, views and expert interviews.

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Episode 52 - Power and influence: the remarkable women who changed history at our sites

To mark the end of Women’s’ History Month, we’re joined in the studio by senior properties historian Dr Megan Leyland and curator of collections Olivia Fryman to discuss the lives and accomplishments of a selection of the most remarkable women with a connection to our historic sites. Discover the stories of Henrietta Howard at Marble Hill House in London, Bess of Hardwick at Hardwick Old Hall in Derbyshire, Lady Anne Clifford at Brough and Brougham Castles in Cumbria and Emma Darwin, wife to the famous scientist Charles Darwin.

To learn about the stories of more remarkable women with a connection to our sites, click here.

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Episode 51 - Voices of England: how pre-Christian beliefs shaped our landscapes, landmarks and language

This year we’re celebrating the many ways the past has shaped our nation through our year-long ‘Voices of England’ campaign – and here on the podcast we’re launching our own investigations, starting with an interview with English Heritage trustee Professor Ronald Hutton to discuss the legacy of pre-Christian beliefs. Discover what the earliest settlers in England believed, the evidence that can still be found in our historic landscapes, our ancient ritual monuments and our language, and how the arrival of Christianity changed English society as a whole. 

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Episode 50 - Wind of change: saving Saxtead Green Post Mill

This week we’ve travelled to Saxtead Green Post Mill in Suffolk to meet Jonathan Sullivan, whose family have owned and run the mill for generations, along with English Heritage national project manager Joseph James and millwright Tim Whiting to reveal the work that has just gone into restoring and repairing this unique agricultural gem. Discover the mill’s history, the challenges of caring for it and what visitors can expect during a visit today. 

To find out more information or plan a visit to Saxtead Green Post Mill, click here.

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