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Step into England’s story with our new weekly podcast. Join presenter Charles Rowe as we bring the history of our sites to life with news, views and expert interviews.

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Episode 83 - Halloween special: Witchcraft and witch marks

Grab your broomsticks and warm your toes by a bubbling cauldron as we explore the history of witches, witchcraft and witch trials in England with Diane Purkiss, Professor of English literature at Oxford University. Discover when stories of witchcraft really started to take hold in England, the meaning of the phrase ‘the witching hour’ and the purpose of the mysterious witch marks that have been found in historic buildings across the country.

Click here to discover some more spooky stories connected to English Heritage sites.  

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Episode 82 - Send in the cavalry! The story of Chesters Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall

We’re joined by English Heritage properties historian Andrew Roberts and collections curator Frances McIntosh to discuss the story of Chesters Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall, which remains the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain. Discover what life was like for the men stationed here, the importance of the cavalry and the story of John Clayton, who excavated the fort from 1843 until his death in 1890, helping to save this section of Hadrian’s Wall and unearthing many of the objects on display in the fort’s museum.

To discover more about Chesters Roman Fort or to plan a visit, click here. 

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Episode 81 - Voices of England: How slavery shaped the nation

Every October, Black History Month celebrates the many achievements of black Britons throughout the centuries. But it also encourages us to look at Britain's dominant role in transatlantic slavery, and to understand the legacies of the trade that still shape our world today. We’re joined by Professor of History and Memory of Slavery at the University of Bristol, Olivette Otele, to find out more.

Click here to discover more about slavery connections to English Heritage sites. 

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Episode 80 - Black plaques: Celebrating London’s black history

This week we continue to celebrate Black History Month with a journey through time – and the streets of London. We’re joined by curatorial director Anna Eavis and historian Steve Martin to discuss a president, a doctor, a nurse, two stars of stage and screen, and a footballer, who are all commemorated with English Heritage blue plaques at their former homes in the capital.

Click here to discover more about the black history celebrated through our blue plaques scheme.

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Episode 79 - Untold stories: Poetry for English Heritage

This week we’re joined by English Heritage’s poet-in-residence Jacob Sam-La Rose, emerging Poet Esme Allman and creative programme manager Caroline Moore to discuss a new month-long poetry programme taking place throughout Black History Month in October. This will see Jacob and a number of emerging African Caribbean poets write poetry inspired by the stories of English Heritage sites or their experiences of visiting them.

Click here to discover more about Jacob’s role as poet-in-residence.

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