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Travel Guides

Plan a weekend away or a short break in England with our regional travel guides. They're packed with ideas of historic sites to visit, things to see and do, plus places to stay and practical advice for getting around.

Due to changing tier restrictions over the winter, please check the individual property pages of the sites you'd like to visit for the most up-to-date information.

A weekend on the Northumberland Coast

The Northumberland coast is a place to feel close to nature and to the past. The stretch of coastline between Berwick upon Tweed and Warkworth is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with tranquil islands, wide beaches, marshes and saltflats, coves and cliffs, fishing villages and fortresses.

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  • Wiltshire

    Wiltshire has more prehistoric monuments than any other county in England. In this guide, we'll explore some of these places that shine a light on our ancient past, visit a couple of castles, and point out a few other fascinating places along the way.

  • Isle of Wight

    Chosen by Queen Victoria as a holiday retreat and by the Normans for one of their medieval defence forts, the Isle of Wight is an island fit for rulers and royalty. Just two hours from London, the island is rich in history, charm and intrigue.

  • East Midlands

    Today the rich, rural landscape of the East Midlands is more or less peaceful. But behind this tranquillity lies a turbulent past. This guide focuses on things to do in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire, but there's plenty to do in this underrated region.

  • Derbyshire

    Between the M1 and the moors lie the manor houses and market towns which were once the domain of a remarkable Tudor woman, Bess of Hardwick. Stay on her Hardwick estate and explore this diverse county on a history-inspired weekend away.

  • North Yorkshire

    Explore the commanding castles which march inland from the coast to the Dales, the wild moors and the tranquil ruins of abbeys and priories that you'll find in 'God's own country' of North Yorkshire.

  • Cumbria

    Cumbria's majestic fells are many people's reason for visiting the Lake District. But from Roman legionaries to Victorian craftsmen there's plenty of history to uncover here too.

  • London

    At the heart of English history, London is unrivalled for its sheer amount of things to do. We've picked out historical highlights in four areas for you to plan a long weekend or a series of days out in the capital.

  • Kent

    Home to some of the most impressive historic sites in the country, the 'Garden of England' offers award-winning beaches, seaside towns, ancient marshes and the famous white chalk cliffs. Perfect to explore on a short break.

  • Hadrian's Wall

    Hadrian's Wall is now the most famous frontier of the mighty Roman Empire. Today, it remains an inspiring and atmospheric monument to this incredible civilisation, with all sorts of places to visit to learn about the Romans.

  • Cornwall

    Castles dominate the coastline, isolated settlements and sites steeped in myth and legend are just a small part of what Cornwall has to offer. Plan a long weekend of history in this incredible part of south west England.

  • Northumberland Coast

    The Northumberland coast is a place to feel close to nature and to the past. Discover the tranquil islands, wide beaches, marshes and saltflats, coves and cliffs, fishing villages and fortresses of this beautiful coastline.

Scenic stops for a road trip

If you're planning a long car journey, we've picked out sites near motorways and main roads which make excellent alternatives to stopping at a motorway service station. 

Escape the rush of traffic, stretch your legs, avoid the queues for the loos - stop off to explore England's story instead. 

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