Our Appeals

Our Appeals

The historic places in English Heritage's care span six millennia and include palaces, abbeys, houses, castles, hill figures, industrial sites, Roman forts and even deserted medieval villages. Discover how you can make a difference to a project that inspires you.


Pass it on

We believe that history is one of the greatest gifts we can pass on to the next generation. History gives us all the vital ingredients that shape who we are: a sense of our place in time, of what has gone before and who will come after us.

Our popular education visits programme is one of the largest of its kind. But, like many areas, it’s affected by education cutbacks.

By donating, you’ll be providing vital funds to run workshops for schoolchildren. With hands-on activities, these sessions are a great way to engage students and inspire a passion for history. 



Marble Hill Appeal

Marble Hill is a much-loved space for both locals and Londoners, young and old, to relax and play. However, since the 1980s it's seen little investment. Opening times for the historic house are limited, while the park's original character has been lost.

With your help we can conserve and restore this local landmark.


Once and Future Fund

Over 300 of the sites in our care are free for all to enjoy. By supporting the Once and Future Fund, you will help to secure the future of the palces across England where history was made.

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Help Kenwood Thrive

Far from the hustle and bustle of the capital on the edge of Hampstead Heath, Kenwood is one of London's hidden gems. Part of what makes Kenwood so special is that it's free for everybody to visit. You can be part of Kenwood's story and help care for the house and its collection for everyone now and in the future.

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Save Our Cannons

Today they stand proudly on the walls of castles and forts across the country as vivid reminders of our island story. They are an integral part of the landscape, but unless we act now, they could be lost to the elements. Battered by strong winds and corroded by salty sea spray, many of them are rapidly deteriorating.

We need to act now to save these precious objects and keep their stories alive for future generations, but we need your support.



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