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Our picks this season

Top 5 things to do in August

Train with medieval knights, hunt for Roman clues with Horrible Histories and visit real-world fantasy castles from Westeros to Middle-earth.

With the sun shining, August is all about the outdoors, and we’ve got all the inspiration you need to plan fun-filled days out for the whole family this month.

It's all here in your monthly dose of days out inspiration...

Top 5 things to do in August…

  • Witness a real live joust

    See knights speed on horseback, Roman soldiers battle in armour and medieval warriors in contests of skill and strength. 

  • Family Events

    Discover castle life, hear legendary stories of brave heroes and formidable foes, brush up on sword skills or discover life upstairs and downstairs.

  • Discover somewhere new

    We're shining a spotlight on our favourite historic places, helping you to discover a new favourite on your doorstep. 

Latest Episodes

How to Make Cheese Seftons: The Victorian Way

In her latest video Mrs Crocombe shows us how to make cheese seftons - delightful savoury treats designed for the end of a meal, for the dessert course, or even sometimes after it as an alternative option for those who prefer a savoury palate cleanser.

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  • Georgian inspired makeup tutorial

    Join Fashion Historian Amber Butchart and Makeup Artist Rebecca Butterworth at Kenwood as we show you how to create a male and female makeup look inspired by the Georgian period.

  • How to Make Gingerbread the Victorian Way

    Today we're in for a real treat. Mrs Crocombe is making one of her favourite recipes - a cheap and delicious Gingerbread Cake.

  • Podcast #18: Undressing the history of fashion with Amber Butchart

    Discover how much effort goes into making historically accurate costumes and find out about the most outrageous fashion statements through the centuries.

Telling Tales

The Myth, Legend and Folklore of England

England’s history is interwoven with the threads of myth, legend and folklore. These stories shape our understanding of our past and our present. 

Join us as we tell tales from England’s past and uncover the history behind them, from St George to sea-monsters, medieval ghosts and buried treasure.

  • Tales from English Folklore #2: The Petrified Dancers of Stanton Drew

    The second of our videos retelling England's folk tales focuses on the bizarre legend of how Stanton Drew Stone Circles came to be. They say it began with a wedding long, long ago...

  • The Map of Myth

    Illustrated by artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins and brought to life by Gravitywell, our interactive map lets you explore the myths, legends and folktales of England in your web browser.

  • Explore Telling Tales

    Discover more about England's historic myth, legend and folklore on our main Telling Tales page.

Members' and visitors' handbook 2019

Each year we publish our Members' and Visitors' handbook to guide you through more than 400 historic places within our care. 

The cover of this year’s handbook is a specially commissioned piece by David Mankin, a Cornwall-based artist who paints abstract landscapes. Called Passage, the painting is David's response to the iconic Tintagel Castle in Cornwall.

Discover the story behind our cover and discover the site that inspired his creation.

The handbook is free for members or £10.95 through our online shop.

  • Blog: Interview with Cover Artist David Mankin

    We caught up with David to discuss his art, his inspiration, and what it means to have his work on the cover of the handbook.

  • Become a member

    Not yet a member? Join us today and enjoy unlimited access to over 400 historic places for a whole year from £4 a month.

  • Buy the handbook online

    With a detailed listing of each site, split into regions for easy use, find opening times, transport links, facilities and the overall site history. 


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