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For weekends, rainy days and holidays, we’ve collected our best ideas for you to get hands-on and crafty with history. From model historical homes to costumes and coats of arms, there’s plenty here to be inspired by. Simply download our easy-to-use templates and instructions, and get making!

Crafty ideas to try

Image: coloured Easter eggs in a basket

Top idea this month: How to decorate eggs for Easter

People have been decorating eggs for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians decorated ostrich eggs, and early Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs to mark Easter. In 1290 King Edward I paid for 450 eggs to be coloured or covered in gold leaf and given to his entourage, and Henry VIII received one in a silver case as a present from the pope.

From the 18th century children decorated their own eggs at Easter, or received them as presents. These were called ‘pace eggs’, and they’re what we’ll be making today.

Make your own egg

Discover our sites with downloadable Spotter's Guides

Things to look out for at Roman forts

Get out and discover the history of our Roman sites with this downloadable spotter's guide. Print the guide out and tick off imposing walls, granaries and bath-houses as you roam around a Roman fort.

Once you've ticked everything off, check out our other guides below.

Download your Roman forts spotter's guide

Learn to draw with Kids Rule! illustrator Wesley Robbins

Featured video: Learn to draw Anglo-Saxon and Viking warriors!

Calling all aspiring artists! Join Wesley Robins, illustrator of English Heritage Kids Rule! magazine, for a series of fun draw-along art tutorials.

In these easy to follow videos, Wesley will explain step-by-step how to draw famous historical figures – so grab some paper and a pencil or pen and get ready to draw along with him!


Make your own felt dragon

Craft your very own ferocious yet adorable felt dragon.

Download the pattern via the button below, and follow the step-by-step instructions to make your creature.

Download the pattern and use our step-by-step guide

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