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Children making Roman mosaic

How to make a Roman Mosaic

Roman Villas were decorated with beautiful mosaics.  Watch our video to discover why and how they were made, and find out how you can make your own. 

Mosaic from Lullingstone Roman Villa, depicting the abduction of Europa by Jupiter in the guise of a bull

What is a Roman Mosaic?

Roman mosaics are found in the homes of wealthy Romans, called villas. They usually show scenes from classical Roman myths and stories, like the image shown, of the story of Europa and the Bull, at Lullingstone Roman Villa in Kent.  They were a way of rich Romans showing how important and knowledgeable they were!

VIDEO: How To Make A Roman Mosaic

The Romans loved mosaics, but do you know why?  Watch our video to learn why Romans created them, how they did it and the kind of images that featured in them. 

We’ve also got tips for how to create your own mosaic and inspiration for your creation! It could be a picture of your family, your pet, your favourite possession or even your favourite superhero – anything goes!

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