Historic Gardens

We care for some of England’s finest historic gardens. These unique landscapes have been shaped by the people who owned, cared for and enjoyed them in the past. Today, we enjoy them for both the stories they tell and the senses they delight. 

Take in the best of spring with sweeping parklands, formal gardens and acres of seasonal colour as you enjoy the outdoor spaces that have charmed visitors for centuries. 


  • Audley End House and Gardens

    Wander the tranquil gardens created by Capability Brown, be dazzled by the colour and number of plants, and hear the horses’ hooves as they cross the yard.

  • Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

    Absorb the colour and scent of the spectacular Rhododendrons - Belsay’s most photographed view in June, and marvel at the scale of the towering cliffs in the quarry garden.

  • Boscobel House and Royal Oak

    Experience the sights and sounds of a Victorian farmyard with pigs, chickens, ducks and sheep. Inhale the scent of herbs and roses, walk through the willow tunnel and explore parterre gardens.

  • Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

    Wander through 15 acres of garden connected by tunnels, bridges and pathway - largely unaltered since the 1860s. Don’t miss the fern dell, wildflower meadow and rose pergoda.

  • Carisbrooke Castle

    Visit the Edwardian-inspired garden, set within the former 'privy' gardens of Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Beatrice. Enjoy the charming period planting, water features and orchard.

  • Down House

    Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin at his Victorian family home. Witness nature as he would have in his natural experiments and explore the Walled and Kitchen gardens.

  • Eltham Palace

    Observe the different layers of history which make up the landscape of this stunning Art Deco home. Medieval features combine with 1930s glamour, including garden rooms, rose garden and water features.

  • Kenilworth Castle

    Walk in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth I in the restored 16th-century garden. Listen to birdsong from the aviary, and delight in the scented and vibrant garden designed to impress the queen.

  • Kenwood

    In contrast to the natural surrounding heathland, Kenwood’s landscape was designed by Humphry Repton. Roam meandering paths, explore ancient woodland, and look out for beautiful sculptures.

  • Mount Grace Priory

    Explore 13 acres of newly rejuvenated Arts and Crafts gardens. Roam the room-like spaces of the terraces and dell garden, and see the Monk’s Cell garden full of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

  • Osborne

    Enjoy glorious terraces and stunning bedding made possible by the mild climate at Queen Victoria’s Isle of Wight home. Smell the sweet scents of the flowers Queen Victoria herself wrote of.

  • Walmer Castle

    Relax in the Queen Mother’s Garden, meander the natural woodland trail , marvel at the undulating cloud yew hedge along the Broadwalk, and immerse in colour, smells and flavours from the Kitchen Garden.

  • Witley Court and Gardens

    Discover elaborate parterre gardens full of colour, monumental fountains, an enchanting woodland and spectacular wildflower meadows with stunning displays.

  • Wrest Park

    Enjoy a journey of senses over 90 acres of beautiful gardens, including landscapes remodelled by Capability Brown. Experience heady scents, water features, beautiful statues and a pear orchard with floral lawn.

The history of English strawberries

Summer wouldn't be the same without a bowl of strawberries drizzled with cold cream.

Here, food historian Sam Bilton grabs a spoon and takes us through the fascinating history of the English strawberry. Plus, we share a traditional English recipe for strawberries with snow cream below.


Satisfy your senses

Relax, unwind and discover the sounds, scents and sights of some of our most iconic places. From the rush of the fountain, the trickle of the brook or the breeze in the trees, meander through these dazzling landscapes that have charmed visitors for centuries. 

  • Relax at Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

    Relax to the ambient sights and sounds of beautiful Brodsworth Hall and Gardens in South Yorkshire.

  • Relax at Witley Court and Gardens

    Unwind to the ambient sights and sounds of historic Witley Court and Gardens in Worcestershire. 

  • A Tour of the Gardens at Down House

    Take a tour of the vibrant gardens of Down House in Kent, once home to Charles Darwin and his family.

  • Osborne: A Tour of Queen Victoria's Seaside Estate

    Join Gardener Jordan, as he embarks on a short tour around Osborne's 350 acre estate.


From the Romans to the 20th century, use our timeline to trace the evolution of gardens in England and explore some of the distinctive features that help define each period of garden design.

Explore the timeline


Discover features of our gardens that have impressed and surprised, tricked the eyes and questioned perceptions for centuries. 


Behind the Scenes at our Historic Gardens

Caring for over 400 historic places covers everything from essential building repair works and restoring paintings, to planting historic gardens and keeping them blooming throughout the year. Go behind the scenes to find out more about the work that takes place in our historic gardens courtesy of our expert garden teams.


    Go behind-the-scenes at Walmer Castle’s kitchen garden and discover how an expert team of gardeners, volunteers and kitchen staff grow and prepare delicious seasonal produce all year round.

  • Behind the Scenes at Belsay Hall and Castle

    Go behind the scenes of the stunning 30-acre grade 1-listed gardens at Belsay, to discover how an expert team of gardeners and volunteers are honouring the original designs of Sir Charles Monck today.

  • Meet the Head Gardener: Down House

    Discover how the Garden team keeps Darwin’s science and inventive spirit alive at Down House, the challenges of caring for the different environments, and what makes it such a special place to visit.

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