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Bridgerton has undoubtedly brought a sense of renewed interest to the Georgian period. An era of great social, political and cultural change, but was it anything like the regency world that Netflix has created? 

While set firmly in the realms of fiction, there are some surprising links to real history, from Lady Whisteldown's gossip pamphlet to Colin's extended holiday. And although the elements of fashion and social etiquette within the show are drawn from the novel, the Bridgerton family's social circle, or the ton, was a very real section of high society with special rules and guidelines. 

Here you'll find all you need to know about Georgian society that continues to inspire the world of Bridgerton. 

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Where was Bridgerton filmed?

Ranger's House has become known as the wisteria-filled backdrop to the Bridgerton's family drama. But how did Netflix's production team creatively transform this authentic Georgian property for the show? Discover more about filming at Ranger's House as we also share some of the building's real history, an equally fascinating story. 

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Places to visit

  • Visit Ranger's House

    Whether a rite of passage for die-hard Bridgerton fans or the show inspires you, Ranger's House, which holds the treasures of the Werhner collection, offers masterpieces in art, sculpture and objects, displayed in lush rooms that echo the sets of the period dramas we know and love.

  • Visit Wrest Park

    Visit Wrest Park, and you can enjoy several Bridgerton locations in one day. As well as the gorgeous grounds that have been used for filming, Wrest’s orangery is used as the orangery at Aubrey Hall in season 2, and Wrest Park stands in for the Fuller’s home in Bridgerton season 3.

  • Visit Kenwood

    Kenwood is best known for its outstanding collection of paintings, which includes world-famous works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals. However, visitors will also enjoy this site for its iconic Robert Adam architecture and Humphrey Repton's landscaping, both key figures of the Georgian country house. 

Penelope Featherington looking up during a ball set at Wrest Park. Netflix Inc, 2024


While Lady Whistledown's gossip pamphlet may be a product of fiction, the concept is rooted in the social history of 18th and 19th centuries. Gossip sheets and columns were a common occurence during this era, they sparked scandal and often led to the humilation of prominent social figures. 

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The period spanning the accession of George III in 1760 and the death of George IV in 1830 was a heyday for miniature painting in Britain. These affectionate portraits were popular due to their cost and size, often worn as jewellery or kept on a person's possession during their travels. 

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How did an affluent afternoon activity become accessible to the masses? In this article, food historian Annie Gray explores another aspect of Bridgerton: the history of Georgian tea-taking, and how it became what we now call Afternoon Tea.

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  • What was life like? The Georgians

    Find out more about Dido Elizabeth Belle and what life was like for her at Kenwood House in the 18th century. Hear from Kenwood's curator about Dido’s story, and watch as English Heritage members explore the history behind the site.

  • Georgian Makeup Tutorial

    Join Fashion Historian Amber Butchart and Makeup Artist Rebecca Butterworth transform our models into aristocratic Georgians at Kenwood in north London. Discover what mens’ and womens’ makeup can reveal.

  • Fashion Through History: The Georgians

    In this video, Historian Serena Dyer she travels to Kenwood to meet English Heritage Curator Louise Cooling. The pair unveil historic looks that were popular in Georgian society and explore the history and context behind these fashions.

The English Heritage Podcast:Behind the scenes of Netflix’s Bridgerton

Join Senior Properties Historian, Dr Megan Leyland and Head of Commercial Development, Kingston Myles to learn about the history of Ranger’s House and how it was reinvented on-screen as Bridgerton House.

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Storylines inspired by history

  • A Royal Duchess at Ranger's House

    Augusta, Dowager Duchess of Brunswick, moved to Ranger’s in 1807, amid scandal surrounding her daughter, Caroline, Princess of Wales. The story of their lives and relationships is as dramatic as anything Bridgerton has to offer and includes historical figures familiar to fans of the series.

  • The Real Grand Tour

    Much like the Bridgerton brother, Colin who arrives back from touring Europe in season three, a great number of people who lived in properties that are now in the care of English Heritage embarked on a Grand Tour during this time. Here we share some of their stories and how it impacted their lives and the homes they lived in. 

More to explore

  • More about the Georgians

    Want to learn more about this period? From female figures of the regency to the invention of the wellington boot, there's lots more to discover about this iconic period in England's history. 

  • English Heritage on Film

    Our sites have played host to a fair few film crews and actors. Discover where you can catch a glimpse of the us on the silver screen and maybe you'll find your next place to visit. 

  • Join English Heritage

    Visit film locations, historic houses and lushious gardens all year round with unlimited access to hundreds of our sites. Annual memberships start from just £42. 

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