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Could you survive in the past?  Take our challenges to find out if you'd make it, or do our mammoth quiz to find out about all things prehistory. Plus, print and make your own board games based on old favourites to play with all the family - who will win at Snakes & Abbots, and conquer all in Tudor Battleships?

Test your knowledge with our quizzes!

Do you know your Neaderthal from your Neolithic? Could you make it as a special forces soldier in WW2, or a Victorian apprentice gardener?  Take our fun quizzes to test your knowledge of the past.

Games: challenge your family and friends!

  • Game: Race for Maiden Castle

    A rival Iron Age tribe has launched an attack on Maiden Castle, a hillfort in Dorset. Ask a friend to play with you and decide who will defend and who will attack. Will you be the one who survives or succeeds?

  • Game: Race to Chesters

    Who will be first to deliver a message from the port of Richborough in Kent all the way to Chesters Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall? Challenge your family and friends to this race across Roman Britain.

  • Game: Hnefatafl

    Play a real Viking board game! Hnefatafl (pronounced ‘neva tapl’), means ‘The King’s Table’ in Old Norse and is a game of tactics and skill! We’ve got everything you need to make and play it at home…

  • Game: Siege at Carlisle Castle!

    The fate of Carlisle Castle is in your hands! Can you be the first player to race around the board, collect all the trebuchet pieces, break through the castle’s gatehouse, reach the keep and win? 

  • Snakes and Abbots

    Can you win this monastic version of snakes and ladders? If you land on a ladder, follow it to the space above. But if you land on a snake, follow it down. Download a board, spinner and 3D players to play.

  • Tudor battleships

    Do battle on the high seas! Decide who will be England and who will be Spain, then secretly position your ships on your board and be the first to sink the other player’s fleet by guessing their location.


    It’s 1643 and the Civil War between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers is raging, but who will get the upper hand? Race to the finish by becoming the first to beseige and claim all 12 English Heritage castles! 

  • Play upstairs and downstairs

    Ever wondered what life would have been like working at a grand mansion like Audley End House? Challenge your family or friends and find out who's got what it takes to make it as the new footman or maid!

A girl studies a statue at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall

Amazing Anagrams

We've created 21 anagrams that relate to some of the sites that have now opened their gates for you to visit again. Can you use the clues to help unravel these word jumbles? 

Solve the anagrams

Challenge time: Can you find your way through these historical mazes?

Find the flint hidden deep under the ground at Grimes Graves and help the Centurion find his lost coins in these historical mazes. Download and print the sheets to complete the puzzles.

  • Maze: Find the flint

    Flint is hidden deep underground at Grime’s Graves – a Neolithic mine in Norfolk. Can you find your way through the mine shafts to find the flint, avoiding the bats, spiders, snakes and rockfalls on the way?

  • Maze: Find the Roman coins

    Oh no! The centurion at Birdoswald Roman Fort has lost 11 gold coins from a hole in his purse and he needs your help. Can you make it through the crowds to find every coin without repeating or crossing your route?

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  • Things to Make and Do

    For weekends, rainy days and holidays, we’ve collected our best ideas for you to get hands-on and crafty with history. From model historical homes to costumes and coats of arms, there’s plenty here to be inspired by. 

  • Historical Timeline Posters

    We've created a series of posters showing the history of England, from prehistory through to the World Wars. Print them out to create a mega timeline, or colour your own with our downloadable sheets.

  • Tasty Historical Makes and Bakes

    Serve up a slice of history with these delicious recipes from the past.  Whip up a batch of Mrs Crocombe's favourite Queen Drop Biscuits, bake a medieval pie, watch our interview with a Tudor cook and more.

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