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1. How many years ago did humans begin to evolve separately from chimpanzees?

A) 5,000,000
B) 1,000,000
C) 15,000,000
D) 7,000,000

2. Which is the odd one out?

A) Iron Age
B) Mesozoic Age
C) Bronze Age
D) Stone Age


3. What was the first species to stand on two feet?

A) Homo sapiens
B) Homo habilis
C) Homo erectus
D) Homo neanderthalensis

4. What did man make fire for?

A) Warmth
B) Light
C) To frighten away wild animals
D) To cook

5. Which animal did people train to help them hunt during the Stone Age?

A) Dog
B) Bear
C) Wolf
D) Fox

6. What were ‘flint scrapers’ used for?

A) To remove fat from animal hides to make leather
B) To dig up hard ground
C) To fight each other with
D) To cut down crops

7. Which of these dinosaurs existed in the Iron Age? 

A) Diplodocus
B) Pteranodon
C) Stegosaurus
D) Brontosaurus

8. During the Iron Age, our ancestors lived in…

A) Caves
B) Square stone houses
C) Tents
D) Roundhouses

9. Which of these things did our ancestors use to make tools and weapons? 

A) Leather
B) Stone
C) Bone
D) Antlers

10. Which popular game originated in the Stone Age?

A) Dice
B) Marbles
C) Dominoes
D) Monopoly

11. Which of these WASN’T eaten in prehistoric England?

A) Bread
B) Cheese
C) Rice
D) Pork

12.Which of these WAS eaten in prehistoric England?

A) Potatoes
B) Oranges
C) Yogurt
D) Cucumber


  • Answers:

    1. D) 7,000,000

    2. B) Mesozoic Age

    3. C) Homo erectus

    4. All of these!

    5. A) Dog

    6. A) To remove fat from animal hides to make leather

    7. None of them!

    8. D) Roundhouses

    9. All of them!

    10. A) Dice

    11. C) Rice

    12. C) Yoghurt


People in Neolithic Europe didn’t write words down but we have an idea what they would have sounded like. In his book Written in Stone, expert Christopher Stevens says these words were the start of the English language:

Pe – open 
Mei – smile
An – breathe
M – me
Bhal – sun
Luh – moon
Kard – heart
Kuon – dog
Wos – animals
Pu – poo

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