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Would you support parliament and be a Roundhead?  Or are you a Cavalier on the king’s side?  Take our quiz to find out!

1. How long is your hair?

A) My mum thinks it’s just right
B) Long and luxurious
C) Short and tidy


2. What do you think of Christmas?

A) I like it but it’s too expensive
B) Best day of the year
C) Such celebrations are unnecessary

3. Look at the pictures on the left: which of these hats looks better?

A) They both look silly
B) Right
C) Left


4. Should a monarch rule England?

A) It makes no difference who is in charge
B) Of course, kings and queens are the rightful rulers
C) A monarch has too much power

5. What clothes do you like wearing?

A) Something comfortable
B) Colourful and fun
C) Smart and plain


6. What’s the best way to win a fight?

A) I hate fighting, leave me alone!
B) Make it up as you go along, have fun!
C) Be prepared, patient and disciplined

7. What would you rather be doing?

A) Farming
B) Partying
C) Praying


8. How do you like your food?

A) I don’t mind as long as I’m full
B) Full of colour and spices. The more meat the better!
C) Plain and simple, just enough bread and soup to live on

How did you do?

Find out how you would have survived in Stuart times with these challenges…

  • As fast as you can

    Both Charles II and his brother James II ended up fleeing England to avoid being captured. Have a look at a map of Europe and see if you can guess where they fled to and why. If you were on the run where would you go?

  • Dress to impress

    The Stuarts loved big fashion: big hats, big boots, big wigs and big dresses. Use the pictures in the Guide to Stuart England magazine (find a link below) and on the internet for ideas to design your own outfit for a lord or lady!

  • Setting sail

    People in England were poor and there was always some new disaster around the corner, so many left on ships to newly-discovered America. What three things would you take with you from home to survive the long journey?

Discover Stuart England

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