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Image of text: Quiz Time, Could you make it in the Emperor's family?

Image: Roman family

1.  How willing are you to get rid of competitors for the throne?

A) I’m ready and willing to get rid of them all!
B) I’d exile friends but not my family
C) I would keep a close eye on them but not get rid of them
D) I wouldn’t get rid of any of them


2.  You’re invading an island but there’s a storm and your troops won’t get in the boats. Do you…

A) Make them collect seashells
B) Get your slave to tell them to get in the boats
C) Sulk in your tent
D) Turn around and go home

Image: Roman soldier on horse

3.  The chariot racing teams are rioting and might burn down your palace! Do you...

A) Run away through a secret tunnel
B) Tell everyone that imperial purple is a great colour to die in and inspire your soldiers
C) Set the palace on fire yourself
D) Pretend you’re not at home


4.  You are emperor but have no children to succeed you. Do you...

A) Adopt someone you think will be a good emperor
B) Appoint your horse the next emperor
C) Do nothing and hope for the best
D) Announce that emperors are out, democracy is in

Image: illustration of Roman villa courtyard

5.  Where would be a nice place to go on holiday during the summer?

A) A beach resort like Baiae
B) A villa outside Rome
C) Spain is nice at this time of year
D) Londinium, to escape the family


6.  You don’t think the emperor is doing a very good job. Do you…

A) Pledge to support him
B) Get your soldiers to proclaim you emperor and try to conquer Rome
C) Pretend that you’re not receiving any orders and wait until someone else is emperor
D) Retire early and grow onions

Image: Roman feast

7. Rome is mostly made of wood and sometimes it catches fire. What would you do if this happened?

A) Immediately organise relief efforts
B) Let normal people stay in the palace until their homes are rebuilt
C) Stay outside Rome and have a fire festival
D) Sack the firefighters for doing a bad job


8.  Your step-brother the emperor has been really mean to you at dinner lately. Do you…

A) Have a friend try all your food before you eat it
B) Carry on as usual
C) Put too much salt in his food
D) Stop eating dinner with him

  • Answers:

    1. A You’re going to have to be pretty ruthless to make it as emperor! 

    2. A or B These are both things emperors did.

    3. B This is what the Empress Theodora did during the Nika riots. 

    4. A The ‘Five Good Emperors’ wereall adopted by their predecessor. 

    5. A or B Both of these were places noble Romans went for the summer. 

    6. B Being emperor means always being careful about who commands the army! 

    7. A or B When Rome caught fire in AD 64, Nero did both of these. 

    8. A or D The imperial family often had terrible rows with each other.

Results: how did you do?

1–3 correct - You’re getting there but you might not be ruthless enough!

4–6 correct - You might be OK – but beware the Ides of March!

7–8 correct - You’re up there with Marcus Aurelius. Well done!

COULD YOU LIVE IN THE PALACE? Test yourself with these challenges

  • Eat like an Emperor

    Rich Romans loved exotic food like flamingo or stuffed dormice. Eat something that you haven’t tried before so that you can show off to your friends.

  • Dress up

    Many women in the imperial family made their own clothes. Design an outfit for yourself and make sure to wear as much sparkly jewellery as you can!

  • Go on a march

    People in the imperial family often had to be soldiers. Plan a walk around your neighbourhood with an adult or set up a camp in your garden. What would your marching rations be?

  • Build a palace

    Augustus’s palace was up on one of the highest hills. Using cardboard, scissors and tape, build a model of what your palace would look like.

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