Quizzes and Games

1.  When hunting a six tonne woolly mammoth, do you…

A) Go at it alone
B) Set up a trip wire
C) Equip your entire tribe with spears
D) Hope to find one that’s already dead

2.  Your village invites you to a feast. Do you take...

A) Chocolate éclairs
B) Balloons
C) Fresh fish
D) Stegosaurus steaks

3.  You decide you want a pet. Which wild animal do you think will be easiest to house train?

A) Deer
B) T Rex
C) Boar
D) Wolf

4.  You want to make an offering to please the gods. Do you…

A) Sacrifice your animals
B) Throw your finest possessions in a bog
C) Build massive stone circles that align with the sun
D) Build a shrine to the spirits in the trees

5.  You need a sticky substance to help you make ‘daub’ to build the walls of your round house. Should you use… 

A) Glue
B) Animal dung
C) Cheese
D) Tree sap

6. In the Stone Age, you would have made tools from...

A) Flint
B) A mix of copper and tin
C) Iron
D) Wood

How did you do? Check the answers below to find out!

  • Answers:

    1. C) The more the merrier!

    2. C) None of the other options existed at that time.

    3. D) People shared their homes with wolves until they became dogs!

    4. All four of these were carried out by prehistoric Britons.

    5. B) People used a mixture of mud, clay, straw and dung to make daub.

    6. A) Over 4,500 years ago people were going underground to find flint. They sharpened it to make weapons and tools, and even used it to make fires.

Now Test your skills with these prehistoric challenges…

  • Finders keepers

    People in the Stone Age had to make do with what they could find to use as tools. Head to your garden and find something to make a dye for your next cave painting, something heavy you could use to grind corn for bread, and something thin you could weave into clothing.

  • Tribal mark

    As tribal chief you need a symbol to mark your territory and warn off potential invaders. Design a symbol to represent your family tribe and stick it on your bedroom door.

  • Fantasy fort

    Can you think of somewhere nearby that would be a good location for an Iron Age hillfort? Draw a picture of your fort and label it with houses, defences against other tribes and space for animals to live. 

  • King of bling

    In the Bronze and Iron Ages, chiefs showed their status with elaborate torcs (necklaces) and armbands. What’s the most stunning thing you own to show your status?

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