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1.  Who was the first queen of England?

A) Boudicca
B) Mary I
C) Cleopatra


2.  Which king had six different wives?

A) George III
B) Charles II
C) Henry VIII

3.  What royal record does the queen, Elizabeth II, hold?

A) Longest time as queen
B) Biggest throne
C) Most cake eaten in one day


4.  What is William I known as?

A) Willy Wonka
B) The Conker
C) The Conqueror

5.  James I was the first to be king of England and which other country at the same time?

A) Scotland
B) Ireland
C) Wales


6.  Why was Richard I known as the Lionheart?

A) He was a brave soldier
B) He rode a lion into battle
C) He never went anywhere without his cuddly lion

7.  What war ended when Henry VII beat Richard III in battle?

A) Celebrations
B) Roses 
C) Quality Street


8.  William III was called William of Orange because

A) He ate lots of carrots
B) He was very tanned
C) He was from the Dutch Royal House of Orange 

9.  Which of these was a king of England?

A) Charles II
B) Louis XIV 
C) King Tut


10.  Mary I killed many people during her reign. What is her nickname?

A) Pleasant Mary
B) Bloody Mary
C) Mary Mary Quite Contrary


11.  How old was Henry VI when he became king in 1422?

A) 69 years old
B) 9 years old
C) 9 months old


12.  Which of these is a royal palace?

A) Buckingham Palace
B) Dunstanburgh Castle
C) Edlingham Castle

  • Answers:

    1. B) Mary I

    2. C) Henry VIII

    3. A) Longest time as queen

    4. C) The Conqueror 

    5. A) Scotland

    6. A) He was a brave soldier

    7. B) Roses 

    8. C) He was from the Dutch Royal house of Orange 

    9. A) Charles II

    10. B) Bloody

    11. C) 9 months old

    12. A) Buckingham Palace

ROYAL CHALLENGES: Put your skills to the test!

Make a family tree

Rulers usually became king or queen because their family were kings and queens too. Using your own family, make a family tree going back through the generations. Start with you at the bottom, and draw lines up to your parents and grandparents.

  • Design your own royal crown

    Every king or queen needs a crown! Read through our short history of royal crowns, then choose one of 3 downloadable templates and follow our step-by-step guide to design your very own crown fit for royalty.

  • Make your royal palace

    Kings and queens of England lived in the biggest, most beautiful palaces in the land. Either draw, paint or make your own castle using card, LEGO bricks or modelling clay! Click on the image for our step-by-step cardboard castle instructions.

  • Write with a quill

    As ruler you have to write a lot down! Ask an adult to help you sharpen the end of a feather, then dip it in ink or paint and write your royal proclamations.  Stain your paper with old tea bags to make it look like an old scroll.

  • Make a royal seal

    On letters and official documents, rulers used a royal seal – a pattern stamped in wax. You can make one using plasticine, a potato or modelling clay. Carve a picture into it and with an adult’s help, stamp it into hot wax from a candle. Click to download our design template.

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