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Image: re-enactors at Kenilworth Castle. Text: Which historical hero are you?

At events at our sites across the country this summer, a team of dedicated re-enactors will step into the shoes of people from the past, and bring it to life for our visitors.  Think you could do it too?

Find out whether you’re a Roman Soldier, Medieval Jouster, Knight, or Jester, or a Second World War Air Raid Precautions Welfare Worker with our fun quiz!

Write down your answer to each question, and then check at the bottom to find out which of our re-enactors you’re most like.

Image: illustration of a Roman soldier

What is your favourite period of history?

A) The medieval period, it had so many exciting twists and turns…

B) The time of knights, with armour shining and swords gleaming!

C) The Second World War, with that plucky Wartime spirit!

D) In Ancient Greece some riders rode bareback with no hands, carrying a 2 handed spear!

E) The classic invasion period when the Romans conquered Britain

Image: illustration of a medieval knight

Who from the past would you most like to meet?

A) Will Sommer, King Henry VIII’s Fool

B) Sir William Marshall, a powerful knight and medieval royal advisor

C) Mary Robinson, an 18th Century Actress and Poet

D) Xenophon, a Greek philosopher who wrote On the Art of Horsemanship

E) King Edward IV, a king who fought for his crown! 

Image: illustration of a Roman feast

What would your favourite historical food be?

A) A kind of beetroot called a Mangelwurzle! It’s great fun to say

B) A Georgian banquet – they really knew how to eat!

C) Fish and chips

D) Anything with cheese and grapes!

E) A Roman style lamb stew 

Image: illustration of men operating an anti-aircraft gun

What is your weapon of choice?

A) Laughter!

B) A medieval great sword

C) Ack Ack Gun (Anti-aircraft gun)

D) A lance

E) A Roman Gladius sword 

Image: illustration of a boy and a horse

Which top tip would you be most likely to give to people?

A) Enjoy what you do, smile! And the world smiles back

B) Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy. Just get out there and do what you want to!

C) Keep your pecker up! (Wartime saying for ‘Keep smiling’)

D) Take care of your kit and horse and they will take care of you!

E) Don’t sleep near the door of the tent…

Which of our historical re-enactors are you most like?

Check your results below, hear from our re-enactors and find out their top tips!

  • Mostly A...

    You’re always in for a laugh, just like our Jester!

    Tom says:
    I love to tell the stories of the past. History is full of drama and theatre, nothing beats it! 

    I trained as physical theatre performer and actor and fight (combat) performer, because swords and history go hand in hand. I love the sword and fighting styles and the costumes – it's just a big game of dress up!!

    What's your top tip for becoming a re-enactor?
    There are loads of re-enactment societies out there looking for new members. I was very lucky and I went down the professional museum route. So I got paid to dress up from an early age!

  • Mostly B...

    You’re a natural swordsman, like our Medieval Knight!

    Jay says:
    The more I learn about history (especially weapons and armour) the more I love it! I love historic talks, camping at fantastic castles and performing in shows.

    I trained as an actor and after an audition at a castle, I was cast as a ghost. I made it to the Archery team, then became a knight.

    What's your top tip for becoming a re-enactor?
    If you want to be a re-enactor then go for it! Get in touch with a local group and just go to a training session. Once that first step has been taken it gets a lot easier!

  • Mostly C...

    Get ready for action as a Second World War Air Raid Precautions Welfare Worker!

    Sarah-Jane says:
    I love the feeling of bringing lesser-known stories of history to life. I like reading accounts and diaries of everyday people and giving them a voice again. I always enjoyed history in school, and re-enactment is the closest thing we will ever get to a time machine!

    What’s your top tip for becoming a re-enactor?
    Have a little think of what your favourite historical period might be, go to some events and meet the re-enactors there. There are lots of brilliant groups that would love to have new members, and after all we all have a shared interest in history!

  • Mostly D...

    Mount your horse and prepare for a face off as a Medieval Jouster!

    Lisa says:
    I love having a job which involves horses, and being able to train for it every day.

    I went to classical dressage lessons with one of my horses, picked up a lance and a sword and was converted into learning historical equitation from that day on…the rest was history as they say!

    What’s your top tip for becoming a re-enactor?
    Find a local group that specialises in the area you are interested in and ask to be involved! Don’t be afraid of hard work – you need to get the right kit, research your time period and learn all the skills needed.

  • Mostly E...

    Time to sign up to serve the Empire – as a Roman Soldier!

    Griff says:
    My first event was great fun – it was a siege at a medieval castle. I play all sorts of characters – what’s not to like about armour, castles and swords? Re-enacting is a chance to explore how people lived, worked and played in the past.

    I started as a re-enactor after I went to an event to help out a friend do some cooking for medieval soldiers.

    What’s your top tip for becoming a re-enactor?
    Shop around – find a local group that is welcoming, diverse and helpful.

Meet the History Makers

Find out more about our re-enactors and their work in this short film!

A jouster, a jester, a knight, a WWII warden and a Roman soldier.  These are the History Makers and they're waiting for you at English Heritage events across the country this summer. 

We visited these passionate and dedicated re-enactors at their homes, to see how they've been preparing to return to work at the most unusual of jobs.

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