Quizzes and Games

1.  You need to keep your horse somewhere. Do you…

A) Let it wander the fields
B) Put it in the front room
C) Keep it on the roof
D) Tuck it under your bed


2.  You have been ordered to learn a skill to help your troop. Do you learn…

A) Accounting
B) Healing wounds
C) How to carve stone
D) Juggling



3.  It’s your troop’s turn to use the fort baths. What do you take with you?

A) Soap
B) A curved metal stick and oil
C) Don’t go. Tough soldiers don’t wash!
D) A rubber duck


4.  To win battles you must have the right weapons. Do you choose…

A) A sword
B) A sword and a spear
C) A bow and arrow
D) A net and trident


5.  You are going on a mission and need help. Which god do you make an offering to?

A) Jupiter, the king of gods
B) Mars, the god of war
C) Fortuna, the goddess of good fortune
D) All of the above


6.  The leader in charge of your cavalry troop is called a…

A) Gladiator
B) Decurion
C) Legion
D) Milecastle

  • Answers:

    1 B) If you lose your horse, you have to pay for a new one – so make sure you keep it close!

    2 A), B), or C) would be useful. D) not so much!

    3 B) Romans oiled their bodies and scraped the dirt off

    4 B) Best to have a back-up

    5 D) You’ll need all the help you can get

    6 B) Each troop was commanded by a Decurion. As well as being paid more than his men, he had a whole house to himself, and probably lived there with his wife and children.


Cavalry classroom: put your soldier skills to the test with these devious challenges…

  • Get crafty

    Soldiers didn’t just fight. They were expected to learn skills such as carpentry, metal working and masonry. Learn a new craft to help you gain promotion.

  • On patrol

    Soldiers at Chesters would have patrolled their fort against intruders. Work out a route to protect your house and see if you can spot any invaders.

  • Go with the flow

    Chesters Fort was built next to a bridge over the river Tyne. Can you think of three reasons why it would have been so important for the Romans to protect it?

  • Flag waving

    Each regiment had a flag with a special symbol on it. Fierce animals were favourites. Design one of your own, attach it to stick and keep it safe from the enemy!

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