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1 Which Tudor ruler tried to ban football?


2. Which former queen only ruled for nine days? 

A) Mary I 
B) Lady Jane Grey 
C) Elizabeth I

3. Which of these wars came before the Tudors? 

A) War of the Roses 
B) Second World War 
C) Hundred Years’ War 
D) Star Wars


4. How many children did Elizabeth I have? 

5. Which of these did explorer Walter Raleigh bring back to England from America?

A) Potatoes 
B) Hamburgers 
C) Doughnuts


6. True or false: King Arthur should have been king after Henry VII? 


7. Look at the picture to the left: can you name this famous playwright in disguise 


8. Why was Mary I nicknamed Bloody Mary? 

A) She kept grazing her knees 
B) She liked tomato juice
C) She had lots of people executed
D) She loved Halloween

9. Unscramble this anagram to find the name of Henry VIII’s favourite ship: 



10. Look at the picture on the right. Can you fill in the missing letters to complete the names of these English Heritage abbeys that were destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries?



  • Answers:

    1. Henry VIII tried to ban football despite being a fan and owning the first pair of football boots!

    2. B) Lady Jane Grey ruled for just 9 days after Edward VI

    3. A) War of the Roses

    4. Elizabeth I had 0 children! 

    5. A) Potatoes

    6. True. Henry VII's first son was called Arthur, but he sadly died, meaning his other son Henry became King Henry VIII.

    7. William Shakespeare

    8. C) She had lots of people executed

    9. Mary Rose

    10. A) Rievaulx, B) Whitby, C) Battle

Test your Tudor skills with these challenges!

  • Learn the lingo

    Can you learn to speak like a Tudor?  People spoke differently during the Tudor period compared to today.  See what sentences you can make using the words above, then test out your new Tudor talk on your family and friends!

  • Wedding speech

    Can you name Henry VIII’s wives in order?  If you add a sneaky spelling mistake it’s easy to remember as you can put their surnames in alphabetical order.  See if you can recite them correctly in five minutes.


  • Dissolution decisions

    After Henry VIII set up his own Church he decided to close monasteries, where Catholic monks and nuns lived and worshipped. Often, they were wealthy. If you were sent to shut down a monastery what would you get for the king?

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