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1. A ship lands with a carved dragon at the front and men holding up swords, spears and axes. What do they want?

A) To trade
B) To ask for directions
C) To burn your village and steal your valuables
D) To bring you gifts


2. The Vikings scream their war cries. You only have gardening tools. Do you…

A) Try and reason with them
B) Fight them
C) Hide in the church
D) Run to the woods as fast as you can


3. You only have time to take one thing with you. What do you take?

A) Your family
B) Your treasure
C) Your cow
D) Your ale


4. The Vikings celebrate in your ransacked village. Do you…

A) Congratulate them
B) Attach them while they’re all drunk
C) Ask to join them
D) Wait until they’ve gone in the morning


5. Your village has been totally destroyed and you’re afraid. Do you…

A) Rebuild the village
B) Build a ship and take revenge
C) Move to a fortified town inland
D) Plunder a nearby village

  • Answers:

    1 (C) An armed raid meant they wanted to plunder

    2 (D) The woods are the only safe option

    3 (A) Family has to come first (your cow is too slow anyway)

    4 (D) Stop trying to be a hero

    5 (C) The Vikings avoided safe towns (known as ‘burghs’)


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