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Travel back in time with our videos and have fun with history. Watch as we interview a medieval noblewoman, a prehistoric flint miner and even Henry VIII. Put your Roman knowledge to the test with Rattus Rattus, and learn how to recreate our castles in Minecraft. Make your own sword and shield following our step by step guides, or go on an animated journey through the story of England.

Kids Rule! TV

Featured video: Episode 7 - Operation Dynamo

Join Esme on a journey back in time to the Second World War. Head into the secret wartime tunnels, hidden beneath Dover Castle to meet the man who masterminded the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk. Then there's crafts, bakes and a quiz for you to dig your teeth into!

Watch all the episodes of Kids Rule! TV to join Esme on a journey back in time. In each one, you can discover what life was like in the past, meet important historical figures, get creative with our craft ideas and even try our tasty historical recipes.

  • Episode 1: The Anglo Saxons

  • Episode 2: The Romans

  • Episode 3: Castles

  • Episode 4: Victorians

  • Episode 5: The Bronze Age

  • Episode 6: The Norman Conquest

Member's Week 2023

During Member's Week 2023, we made a whole host of lively videos for our eager young members.

Enjoy the tale of how the Wild Man of Belsay, a mythical hairy man, came to be on the coats of arms of the Middleton family of Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens in Northumberland.

  • The Animals of Boscobel

    Meet Kyra-Alice Povey and the animals she looks after, from Lucie the biscuit-eating pig to Charles the fluffy Ryeland sheep, in the Victorian farmyard at Boscobel House in Shropshire.

  • Storytime - Arthur and Tintagel

    Imprisoned Thomas Mallory narrates the tale of how the legendary King Arthur was supposedly born in Tintagel Castle atop a rocky headland in Cornwall, watched over by the mystical, magical Merlin.

  • Storytime - The Stokesay Giants

    Discover the story of the two giants of Stokesay who lived on opposing sides of a Shropshire valley and used to throw back and forth the key to their shared treasure chest — until the key disappeared.

  • Traditional Games at Audley End House

    Kids Rule TV presenter Esme Todd visits Audley End House and Gardens in Essex to try out some of the traditional games families have played there over the centuries, from football to sack racing.

  • Fool School With Tom Fool

    From the costumes, classic tricks and even catapults, our expert fool, TomFool, sheds light on the real history of foolery while, you guessed it, making a fool of himself along the way.

  • Craft Your Own Felt Dragon

    Get ready for St George's Day by crafting your own felt dragon! Follow our step-by-step video to create your own dragon. Written instructions and downloadable template are also provided

History in a nutshell

Featured Video: What are the real twelve days of Christmas?

You're probably familiar with the famous carol featuring birds, gold rings and leaping lords but do you know what the twelve days of Christmas would have really involved? In this festive episode, we reveal the religious symbolism behind the twelve days of Christmas and look at how people celebrated them throughout history.

Homes through History

Episode 9: Meet a member of the Cichociemni at Audley End House

Take a stroll around Audley End House and Gardens with Pawel, a former member of the Cichociemni.

Also called the Silent Unseen, the Cichociemni was the Polish section of the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War. Members trained at Audley End House, which became known as Station 43 and was operational from 1 May 1942. Pawel explains how he and his comrades lived, trained and relaxed, while preparing to return to his homeland to fight.

History at home live

TV presenter Ben Shires helped us host some amazing live lessons in 2020. In case you missed them, we’re sharing all the streams here, so you can catch up on castles, get clued up on Tudors and learn all about the legendary King Arthur.

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Test your Roman knowledge with Rattus Rattus

How well do you know Roman history? Do you know your centurion from your Caesar? Find out in this fun quiz with Rattus Rattus. 

Explore Our Castles in Minecraft

 Discover two of our castles beautifully recreated in Minecraft by the experts at Yogscast and Blockworks.

Historical Things to make and do

Discover our collection of history-themed ideas for things to make and do, whether it’s creating a beautiful Roman mosaic design or forging your own cardboard sword and shield.

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