Quizzes and Games

1. Your skin is looking a bit red. Do you…

A) Daub it with a white lead-based cream
B) Give it a light dusting with wheat flour
C) Leave it – I love a suntan!


2. Look at the picture options on the right. Which one do you prefer?
A) A pastoral scene
B) An impressive portrait
C) A religious painting

3.  You need to cover up a smallpox scar on your face with a beauty patch. Yours is made of…

A) Black velvet
B) Mouse skin
C) I don’t need a beauty patch – I wear my scars with pride


4.  What would you rather read?

A) Mary Shelley’s Frankenstien
B) I don’t have time for reading
C) I can’t read

5. The Season (a series of glamorous balls, dinner parties and charity events for members of Georgian high society) has started. Do you…

A) Spend it enjoying an endless round of parties, masquerades and balls
B) Take a stroll around the local pleasure garden
C) Refuse to get involved – you don’t enjoy public fun


6. Someone calls you part of the ‘beau monde’. Are you…

A) Thrilled
B) Puzzled
C) Insulted 

7.  You put in an order for a new wig for your visit to court. Is it…

A) As tall as you can make it, covered in lashings of scented powder
B) A modest wig with locks that fall simply and neatly to the shoulders
C) I refuse to wear a wig, even if the king demands it


8. You want to redesign your garden. Do you…

A) Add a lake, a grotto, a ha ha and exotic plants
B) Hire a few orange trees for the summer
C) What garden? I share a house with 37 others


Results: how Georgian are you?

Mostly As: You’re as Georgian as the Prince Regent himself. In fact, is your name George?

Mostly Bs: You’ve got work to do if you want to mingle with the in-crowd

Mostly Cs: It's time to go back to Georgian school, imposter!

Find out how you would have fared in Georgian times with these challenges…

  • Grand designs

    Despite having to pay taxes on windows (yes, really!), Georgians loved including them in their houses. They also liked symmetry, panelled front doors and ornate columns. Use the pictures in this magazine to design your own Georgian house – how many windows can you fit in?

  • Law and order

    Britain’s North American colonies declared independence in 1776 and became a new country called the United States of America. If you had to set up a new country, what laws would you put in place?

  • Rural vs urban

    The Industrial Revolution meant that many people left the countryside to live and work in towns and cities. Would you prefer to live in the city or the country? Can you list the advantages and disadvantages of each?

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