Let's make Jousting an Olympic Sport

Jousting is one of the world's oldest equestrian sports, yet has never been recognised as an Olympic sport. We want to change that. 

The modern jouster possesses many of the same skills as the Olympic hopefuls heading to Rio this summer, so perhaps it's time that this extraordinary display of speed, power and courage appeared on the greatest sporting stage in the world.

A feat of Strength, speed and courage

Jousting is a sport of strength and speed, courage and precision, passion and honour. One of the oldest equestrian sports in the world, originating in the 10th century, the joust demands the skill and athleticism found in many Olympic events.

The Sport of Kings

Since the 10th century, knights have been drawn to jousting as a sport that showcases their finely-honed skill and horsemanship. It is one of the oldest equestrian sports in the world, and a spectacle enjoyed by English monarchs from King Henry VIII through to Elizabeth I.

The first tournament is said to have been organised by a Frenchman called Godfrey de Preuilly in 1066.

Equestrian meets combat

Jousting began life as a fierce gladatorial showdown of speed and nerve. In 1292, King Edward I decreed that pointed weapons should be replaced with blunt or crown-headed 'coronel' lances, designed to disperse the force of a strike. The death of the French King Henry II in 1559 saw further safety measures introduced, and today most jousts are fought with hollow-tipped lances, designed to shatter on impact.

What has not changed, however, is the athletic speed and power of the mounted jouster. Setting off at up to 30mph in armour weighing over 20kg, each knight lowers his 10ft lance and aims to strike the target (or ecranche) on his opponent's left shoulder.

Help us make Jousting an Olympic sport

We believe that jousting - one of the oldest equestrian sports in the world and England's first national sport - should be made an Olympic sport. Today's jouster needs the same level of athleticism and agility, skill and strength as many of the would-be Olympic medal winners heading to Rio this summer. Sign now to show your support.


The thunder of hooves, the clash of wood splintering on steel. See brave medieval knights in all their glory this summer. Experience a thrilling medieval spectacle at one of our jousts or knights' tournaments across the country.

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