Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

English Heritage is pleased to welcome people to Stonehenge to celebrate this year’s Summer Solstice.

Sunrise will be at 4.52am on Sunday 21 June, the longest day of the year.

Kate Davies, General Manager of Stonehenge at English Heritage, said: “This is the 16th year that English Heritage has provided free access to the stones and we are looking forward to a peaceful celebration. As solstice falls over the weekend this year, we anticipate that the roads will be very busy. We strongly advise anyone planning to come to Stonehenge for solstice to leave their cars at home and travel by public transport. Salisbury is easily accessible by train and the local Salisbury Reds bus company will be running a special service from Salisbury to Stonehenge through Saturday night and into the next day.”

The Salisbury Reds special solstice shuttle service to Stonehenge will run from Stand U in New Canal, Salisbury and from the Salisbury railway station to a drop off point near Stonehenge. The buses will also stop at any recognised bus stop along the line of the route, which is via Amesbury. This bus service will commence at 6.30pm on Saturday 20th June and run every 10-15 minutes until 1.15am on Sunday 21st June. A service taking people back to Salisbury will start again at 4am on the Sunday morning and run frequently until 9.45am.

Stonehenge will open for solstice at 7pm on Saturday 20 June to 8am on Sunday 21 June. The solstice car park will open from 7pm on Saturday 20 June, with last admission at 6am on Sunday 21 June – or earlier if full. The car park must be vacated by 12 noon on Sunday 21 June. If you do decide to travel by car to Stonehenge, please ensure you nominate someone who will take responsibility for driving home. Drink driving is illegal and tiredness can kill.

Heather Sebire, Properties Curator for Stonehenge said: "As in previous years, we are working very closely with the local authorities and agencies plus the druid and pagan community to ensure that access to Stonehenge will once again be a success. And, as with every year, we will balance the needs of those attending the solstice with our duty to protect the Stone Circle and its surrounding monuments. We ask all attending to please respect the stones and the people celebrating the solstice with you."

Access to the stones is free of charge and subject to conditions of entry published on the English Heritage website.

Follow @EH_Stonehenge@HighwaysEngland and @Wiltshirepolice for #summersolstice updates on the night.

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