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Episode 110 - Lord of war: Napoleon Bonaparte’s life and legacy

This week we’re heading back to the late 18th and early 19th century, when Europe was ravaged by the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic War, named after French military general and self-appointed emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. On the bicentenary of his death, we’re joined by senior properties historian, Paul Pattison, and keeper of the Wellington Collection at Apsley House, Josephine Oxley, to discuss Napoleon’s life, legacy and defeat – and the heritage sites built here in England to defend against his threats of invasion.

Learn more about the Wellington Collection at Apsley House

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Episode 109 - Extended Episode - King on the run: The imprisonment and escapes of King Charles I

In this 1 hour edition, we’re joined by English Heritage properties curator Roy Porter and senior properties historian Paul Pattison to trace the series of events, imprisonments and escapes that led up to the execution of King Charles I. The Stuart king remains the only British monarch to have been tried and executed for treason, marking one of the most gruesome chapters in the English Civil War – and we are picking up the story in 1646, when the Scots handed Charles over to the English Parliament.

Discover more about Charles I’s imprisonment at Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight

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Episode 108 - Here be dragons! Fire breathing beasts and where to find them

As we approach St George’s Day on 23 April, we’re investigating the origins of dragon myths. George, of course, is England’s patron saint and as the legend goes, he slew a deadly fire-breathing dragon. While these legendary beasts might not be real, there's nothing mythical about their place in cultures throughout history, and around the world. Joining us to delve into the origins of the dragon myth is Professor Carolyne Larrington, who is a professor of medieval European literature at the University of Oxford.

Read more from Carolyne on dragon myths 

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