Garrison Walls

Free Entry

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours


St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, TR21 0LT

Before You Go

With a history spanning 350 years, the defences of the Garrison on St Mary's form one of the most remarkable and impressive coastal defence systems in England.

Read more about the history of Garrison Walls.

Before You Go

Access: Situated above Hugh Town, the walls are best accessed on foot or by bike up the steep winding streets.

Facilities: Shops, food outlets and toilets are available in Hugh Town.

Other Information: You will need approximately two hours to walk the entire circuit of the walls.

The Powder House houses an exhibition about the Garrison's history. It is located opposite the main gate and is open every day between 8am - 4.30pm.

Please be aware: English Heritage does not permit drone flying from or over sites in our care, except by contractors or partners undertaking flights for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent CAA criteria, have the correct insurances and permissions, and are operating under controlled conditions. 

Plan a Great Day Out

Information panels around the ramparts take you through the long history of these impressive defences. Don't miss the Sallyport and the Powder House, with its exhibition and 3D map.

Harry's Walls, also dating from the 16th century, can be found across the harbour.

Elsewhere on St Mary's you'll find three fascinating prehistoric sites - Porth Hellick Down Burial Chamber, Innisidgen Lower and Upper Burial Chambers and Bant's Carn Burial Chamber and Halangy Down Ancient Village.

At the Isles of Scilly museum in Hugh Town you can discover more about the rich history of the archipelago.