Heddon on the Wall Hadrian's Wall

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Hexham Road, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland, NE15 0ED

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A consolidated stretch of Wall, up to two metres thick in places. It was probably completed in AD 122 or 123.

Read more about the history of Heddon-on-the-Wall.

Before You Go

Parking: There is no dedicated car park but it is possible to park in streets nearby.

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Plan a Great Day Out

This stretch of Hadrian's Wall is just over 10 miles away from Corbridge Roman Town, where you can marvel at a remarkable hoard of objects found during excavations, including Roman armour and trinkets. Find out more about the Corbridge Hoard.

Try following the Corbridge trail which takes in our Roman highlights in this area and includes Heddon-on-the-Wall.

Other nearby sites along the Wall include Denton Turret, Benwell Roman Temple and Benwell Vallum Crossing.

Guidebook: Hadrian's Wall

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