Stonehenge Education Film

This film has been created by students from Wiltshire College in partnership with English Heritage as part of a Heritage Lottery funded project.

Students and teachers visiting Stonehenge were keen to have a film that addressed the big questions surrounding Stonehenge in an accessible way. Over 35 students from the college were involved in creating the film, from taking photography, creating the soundscape, researching images from the archive, shooting the film and contributing to the script.

Make Your Own

To enable students and teachers to create their own film, with their own interpretations of why and how Stonehenge was built, we have created a step-by-step guide to show 'How to use Windows Movie Maker to make your own Stonehenge film'. Use the clips below and the Gallery images to the right to help you make your film. You can find even more Stonehenge images to use on Heritage Explorer.

Download the full length video (mp4 70.2 MB)

Download Clips

1. Intro

2. What do we know

3. When was it built

4. How were they moved

5. Who built it

6. Why was it built

7. What do you think

'step into englands story