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English Heritage Experts

Our experts help us to care for hundreds of historic sites across the country, and tell their stories through thousands of years of history. If you'd like expert advice on historic life and places, to find out what goes in to caring for historic sites and objects, or any questions you think we can help with, just contact our Press Office at: / 0207 973 3390

Some of our English Heritage experts, many of whom have media experience, include:


Jennifer Wexler, Senior Properties Historian
Historian for Stonehenge, Grimes' Graves, Tintagel and other early history and prehistoric sites
Heather Sebire, Senior Property Curator, Stonehenge
Curator for Stonehenge and other prehistoric sites


Frances McIntosh, Curator of Roman Collections
Curator for Hadrian's Wall sites, expert on John Clayton and Hadrian's Wall
Andrew Roberts, Properties Historian
Classical and Roman historian


Dr Jeremy Ashbee, Head Properties Curator
Medieval castles, archaeology
Dr Michael Carter, Senior Properties Historian
Medieval monastic and religious history, dissolution of monasteries, English traditions
Dr Steven Brindle, Senior Properties Historian
Castles, monastic sites
Roy Porter, Property Curator, Battle Abbey & Dover Castle
Battle of Hastings, medieval architecture and buildings


Dr Andrew Hann, Senior Properties Historian
Historian for country houses, such as Osborne, Audley End. Victorian and Edwardian social history
Megan Leyland, Senior Properties Historian
Country house history, social, gender and women's history


Paul Pattison, Senior Properties Historian
First and Second World War, coastal defences (plus Waterloo, coastal castles
Howard Spencer, Blue Plaques Historian
Blue Plaques scheme, London biographies


John Watkins, Head of Gardens and Landscapes
Garden and landscape history
Emily Parker, Landscape Advisor
Garden landscapes, Capability Brown
Christopher Weddell / Michael Klemperer
Garden Advisors for South / North respectively. Expertise in general horticulture and historic garden sites


Amber Xavier-Rowe, Head of Collections Conservation
Conservation of historic objects

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