Conservation on the road

2021 will see conservation take to the road. Our specially equipped van will travel to many of our sites from May to October, providing a host of hands-on conservation workshops for all ages. These will give you an insight into how we look after our heritage while doing something fun and creative.

Where can I find you?

We'll be visiting the following sites in 2021 (subject to change):

Our first stop is Marble Hill House in Twickenham, south-west London, where workshops (which must be booked in advance) will be held on:

29, 30, 31 May
18, 19, 20 June

Check back soon for more information on which workshops we are running on each date, and for details on how to book. 


See what workshops we’ll be running when we visit! 

Some are more suitable for young children and others are designed for adults and older kids. All the workshops are free and some will need to be booked in advance via our website. Check back soon for more information.

  • Archaeology

    Younger children will be able to discover archaeological finds in our discover trays while older children will also be able to clean items using tools such as toothpicks and brushes.

    Suitable for: Children

  • Creative Natures

    Learn about the conservation of nature, engage with the site’s flora and fauna, and make your own creation using a mono-printing press.

    Suitable for: Adults and older children

  • Caring for Masonry

    Discover how we look after stone structures. Learn about re-pointing using different types of mortar and have a go at mixing your own mock mortar to repair a miniature wall section. Under 5s will be able to create constructions using more basic materials.

    Suitable for: Children and adults

  • Design a landscape

    Learn about the evolution of landscape design and what we do to retain the historical character of our landscapes and gardens. Adults will create their own garden collective using plant cuttings to create moulds for plaster, while children can create their own landscape design using our activity trays.

    Suitable for: All ages

  • Preventative Conservation

    Learn about how we look after building interiors and collections by preventing the many types of deterioration. We will explore each type (light, humidity etc.) in the form of several mini activities.

    Suitable for: All ages

  • Stone Shaping

    Discover how we replace parts of historical buildings when the original pieces are beyond repair. This workshop involves using real tools with soft stone.

    Suitable for: Older children and adults

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