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Lindisfarne Priory

Cross the dramatic causeway to reach the island of Lindisfarne, on a journey that will stay in your memory forever.

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient monks who built their priory here nearly 1,400 years ago and explore the wild coastal beauty of Holy Island.

Visit our fascinating museum and find out about a grisly Viking raid, the cult of St Cuthbert, and the beautiful medieval manuscript: the Lindisfarne Gospels.

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Carisbrooke Castle

Sitting high and proud at the heart of the Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke Castle has been an artillery fortress, king's prison, a royal summer residence and probably an Anglo-Saxon fortress built to provide refuge against Viking raids.

Today it's the quintessential romantic castle, with plenty to see and enjoy in the fresh open air.

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Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey has been inspiring visitors for nearly 1,500 years – now it’s your turn.

Discover stories of Viking raids, saints, poets and Dracula as you explore soaring gothic ruins and take in the stunning sea views.

With fantastic views over the coast, a revamped museum and wide open grounds to roam, it’s a great value day out for everyone.

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Scarborough Castle

With its stunning location, fascinating history and panoramic views over the coast, Scarborough Castle is one of North Yorkshire’s finest historic sites.

This once-mighty fortress has endured attacks from Vikings, medieval barons, Tudor rebels and a Parliamentary army during an epic Civil War siege.

Today you can explore the castle’s majestic ruins, follow the long curtain wall with its many towers and climb viewing platforms in the Inner Bailey and the 12th-century Great Tower.

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Daws Castle

The clifftop fortress of Daws Castle in Somerset was founded by King Alfred to defend the people of Watchet against Viking attacks.

A short drive away is the pretty village of Dunster, where you can find the prominent Yarn Market on the main street and the charming Gallox Bridge spanning the River Avill. Or you could visit nearby Cleeve Abbey, which boasts the most complete and unaltered set of monastic cloister buildings in England.

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