Sources for Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn

The following lists provide a summary of the main sources for our knowledge and understanding of Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn.

The interior of the tithe barn in the early 20th century
The interior of the tithe barn in the early 20th century. By this point it was largely used to store farm equipment and machinery © Historic England Archive

Primary Sources (Unpublished)

The National Archives

  • WORK 14/1200 [tithe barn at Barton Farm, tithe redemption, 1942–4]
  • WORK 14/1768 [tithe barn at Barton Farm, repairs by ministry craftsmen, 1940–59]
  • WORK 14/1655 [tithe barn at Barton Farm: custody arrangements]
  • WORK 14/1399 [tithe barn at Barton Farm. transfer by deed of gift and guardianship, 1914–55]

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

  • 1728/70 [court and account book of the estates of Shaftsbury Abbey, 1517–18]
  • 1742/6786 [accounts for Barton Grange farm for the 6th, 11th, 15th, 22nd and 30th years of Abbess Joan Formage (1367, 1372, 1377, 1383, 1392)]

British Library

  • Harley MS 61, fols 37–89 [cartulary of Shaftesbury Abbey, 1130–90]
  • Egerton MS 4135 [cartulary of Shaftesbury Abbey, 1400–30]

Primary Sources (Published)

Documents from the cartularies of Shaftesbury Abbey have been published in:

Kelly, SE (ed), Charters of Shaftesbury Abbey (Oxford, 1996)

Stacy, NE (ed), Charters and Custumals of Shaftesbury Abbey, 1089–1216 (Oxford, 2006)

Visual Sources

Victoria and Albert Museum

Historic England Archive

Items relating to Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn in the Historic England Archive include:

  • album of illustrated cuttings, Tithe Barn, Bradford-on-Avon, 1880–1920 (AL0252/080/02)
  • album of photographs of the barn, c 1900–30 (AL0282/051/02)
  • measured drawings of the barn by Sydney Follett, September 1908 (MD71/00176)

More details of these and many other items can be found in the online catalogue. Some material is not yet listed online, including a large collection of aerial photography; for a full search, please contact the enquiry service. Copies of images and documents can be ordered through the website or by contacting the archive. For details of current charges for these services see the archive price list.

Secondary Sources (Published)

Burder, AWN, ‘The mediaeval tithe barn, Bradford-on-Avon: report on the work of repair’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 39 (1915–17), 485–90 [accessed 13 Nov 2015]

Dobson, M, Bradford Voices: A Study of Bradford-on-Avon in the Twentieth Century (2nd edn, Bradford-on-Avon, 2011)

Dobson, M, Barton Grange: Its History and Restoration (Bradford-on-Avon, 2006)

Groves, C and Hillam, J, Tree-ring Analysis of Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn, Wiltshire, 1993, English Heritage AML Report 9/94 (Swindon, 1994) [accessed 30 June 2016]

Grundy, GB, ‘The Saxon land charters of Wiltshire’, Archaeological Journal, 77 (1920), 8–126

Harvey, B and Harvey, R, ‘Bradford-on-Avon in the 14th century’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 86 (1993), 118–29 [accessed 13 Nov 2015]

Harvey, R, ‘Shaftesbury Abbey’s 12th-century rentals for Bradford-on-Avon’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 91 (1998), 76–89 [accessed 13 Nov 2015]

Haslam, J, ‘Excavations at Barton Farm, Bradford-on-Avon, 1983: interim report’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 78 (1984), 120–21 [accessed 13 Nov 2015]

Heaton, M and Moffatt, W, ‘Recent work at Barton Grange Farm, Bradford-on-Avon’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 97 (2004), 211–17 [accessed 13 Nov 2015]

Pevsner, N and Cherry, B, The Buildings of England: Wiltshire (2nd revised edn, Harmondsworth, 1976)

Pugh, RB and Crittall, E (eds), The Victoria County History of Wiltshire, vol 7 (London, 1953), 12–15 [accessed 13 Nov 2015]

Slocombe, P, Wiltshire Farm Buildings 1500–1900 (Devizes, 1989)

Secondary Sources (Unpublished)

Heaton, M, ‘West Barn, Bradford-on-Avon, historic building record’, ASI report 3078, submitted to English Heritage and Wiltshire County Council (1998)

Heaton, M, ‘West Barn, Bradford-on-Avon, archaeological works’, ASI report 3167, submitted to English Heritage with Scheduled Monument Consent application (2000)

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