Things to see and do

Things to see and do

Welcome to Corbridge Roman town

We have introduced limits on visitor numbers to help keep everyone safe, and you won’t be able to visit without your booking confirmation. If you’re a Member, your ticket will be free, but you still need to book in advance. To book your visit, click the button below.

Although things might be a little different when you visit, you’ll still be able to enjoy exploring the places where history really happened. And you’ll still be given a warm and safe welcome by our friendly – if socially distant – staff and volunteers.

Please click here for more information about the safety measures you can expect when visiting as well as our FAQs

  • Site and grounds - All outdoor spaces will be open as usual.
  • Museum - The museum is open with a limited number of visitors at any one time.
  • Shop - The shop is open.
  • Toilets - Our toilets are open as usual.
  • Face coverings - Face coverings must be worn in Corbridge's indoor shop and all other indoor spaces. We won't be able to give you a face covering so please come prepared so you don't miss out.
  • Audio guide - You can enjoy an audio-tour at Corbridge Roman Town using your own device. Simply download the Guide ID podcatcher App from either the Google Play Store or App Store.. Once downloaded search for Corbridge on the menu screen to access the audio guide. We recommend downloading the audio tour before your visit using password EHCorbridge.
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Explore the museum

Over a period of almost 350 years, Roman Corbridge evolved from a military centre into a thriving civilian community. Uncover stories of the town's Roman residents through the objects that they left behind in the newly reimagined museum.

Study Roman armour, tools, inscriptions on stone, ceramics, and jewellery up close to capture a sense of Roman culture. All of the artefacts in our Collections were discovered right here at the site and many have never been on display before.

Discover the Corbridge Hoard

Set eyes on one of the most important finds from Roman Britain - the Corbridge Hoard. Discovered during an excavation in 1964, the hoard is an astonishing collection of a personal possessions, weapons, and armour buried by a Roman soldier.

It's the segmented plate armour that gives the hoard international significance. This find helped archaeologists understand for the first time how the armadillo-like armour fitted together. Today you can see the remains of the armour and a reconstruction in the museum.

Meet the Corbridge Lion

See the infamous Corbridge lion, found in 1907, and inspect the artistry of this imposing sculpture. The carving is impressively intact and dates back to the second or third century.

The lion, who is depicted crouching over his prey, was originally created to adorn a grave and was later re-used as a fountain head. Unfortunately the hole created in the lion's mouth, for a water spout, destroyed his bared teeth.

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