Etal Castle

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Closed for winter. Reopening in spring 2024.


Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland, TD12 4TN

Before You Go

Set in the charming village of Etal by a ford over the river Till, this Northumberland castle is the ideal location for a family day out.

Built by Robert Manners as a defence against Scots raiders in the mid 14th century, it fell to James IV’s invading Scots army in 1513, immediately before their catastrophic defeat at nearby Flodden. The Flodden Battlefields are just a stones throw away from the castle so make sure to include it in your visit.

To complete your day out, bring along a picnic to enjoy in the surroundings of the Ford and Etal Estates.

Plan a Great Day Out

Norham Castle is just a short drive away, and is among the finest sights in the border country. Or head to Holy Island and enjoy a visit to the spectacular Lindisfarne Priory, just 30 minutes away.

Guidebook: Etal Castle

Price: £3.50

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