Kit's Coty House and Little Kit's Coty House

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Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7EZ

Before You Go

Kit's Coty House and its neighbour, Little Kit's Coty House, are the remains of two megalithic 'dolmen' burial chambers. Kit's Coty is the larger of the two monuments, with three uprights and a massive capstone, while the smaller, Little Kit's Coty (also known as the Countless Stones), is now a jumble of sarsens.

Although the origins of their names are unknown, what is certain is that long barrows such as these were initially constructed during the early Neolithic period to act as communal burial sites.

Both are located in an open field offering fantastic views across the North Downs and Medway Valley.

Read more about the history of Kit's Coty House and Little Kit's Coty House.

Before You Go

Please Be Aware: Both sites are located in open fields with no shelter

Dogs: Dogs on leads are welcome

Plan a Great Day Out

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