Trethevy Quoit

Free Entry

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours


Off B3254, Nr Darite, St Cleer, Cornwall, PL14 5JY

Before You Go

This well-preserved and impressive Neolithic 'dolmen' burial chamber stands 2.7 metres high. There are five standing stones, surmounted by a huge capstone.

Managed by the Cornwall Heritage Trust.

Read more about the history of Trethevy Quoit.

Before You Go

Parking: There is a small parking area adjacent to the site.

Facilities: Toilets, shops and a pub can be found a short drive away in St Cleer.

Please Be Aware: The land in which the monument stands is privately owned.

English Heritage does not permit drone flying from or over sites in our care, except by contractors or partners undertaking flights for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent CAA criteria, have the correct insurances and permissions, and are operating under controlled conditions. 

Dogs: Sheep occasionally graze the field, so please keep dogs on leads.

Plan a Great Day Out

A short drive away you'll find King Doniert's Stone, a 9th century remnant of a Christian cross with 'Celtic' markings. Also nearby are the impressive Hurlers Stone Circles, probably the finest examples of late Neolithic or early Bronze Age ceremonial circles in the South West.