Western Heights, Dover

Free Entry

Exterior viewing any reasonable time during daylight hours


Drop Redoubt Road, Dover, Kent,

Before You Go

Begun during the Napoleonic Wars and completed in the 1860s, the vast defences of Western Heights were designed to protect Dover from French invasion. The English Heritage properties - part of an extensive network of fortifications - include the North Centre Bastion and Drop Redoubt.

Parts of the site are opened to the public for tours and events throughout the year. More information can be found on the website of the Western Heights Preservation Society.

Read more about the history of Western Heights.

Before You Go

Opening Times: The exterior is open to view during daylight hours. The Western Heights Preservation Society runs open days and tours of the site.

Access: The fort is in a steep, cliff-side location and is surrounded by an uneven grass surface.

Parking: There is free council-operated parking next to several entrances to the site. There is limited parking on Drop Redoubt Road next to the entrance to the Drop Redoubt, a car park on on North Military Road next to the Detached Bastion, and a car park on South Military Road, next to St Martin's Battery.

Prices and Opening Times: The exterior and moat is free to visit during any reasonable daylight hours. The Drop Redoubt is open on selected dates and charges may apply. View details.


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